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7 Ways to Experience More Freedom

Since each of us is living a different life, you will have to be free to make your own decisions about what is good, bad, right, and wrong. This means you have to free yourself from everyone and everything to make your own decisions and not believe you have to follow or do certain things because others are doing so. Below are seven ways to be more free in life. 1. Free yourself from your family expectations. If your family has standards and expectations that do not support your life, it is essential to let those standards and expectations go. Develop your own, and seek out other individuals who will support your standards and beliefs to help you develop the lifestyle that you want to build.

2. Free yourself from your friends. Even though getting the approval of your friends is important, your friends should allow you to express yourself and make your own decisions. Do not be afraid to say “no” to them. Your friends should accept you unconditionally. You should be free to act according to your own needs and values.

3. Free yourself from your culture and traditions. Even though many things have been passed down from prior generations, you need to question the norms and traditions that have been passed down that you do not agree with. When you do not agree with a particular standard or culture, and you participate or follow it, that is not freedom. Learn how to let go of the traditions and norms that are not working for you and start a new tradition or way of living.

4. Free yourself of your religion. Not everything you learn in your religion will apply successfully in your life. You cannot say, “because it is a part of my religion, I have to follow every detail or direction.” We have to take responsibility to see what the teaching is and how it can be applied in our own way. You have to learn how to be free and only take in what is correct for your life and leave what is not working for you.

5. Free yourself from the media and society. You have to learn how to step outside of the media’s and society’s norms and expectations and be free to make your own decisions about how you want to live, which is not based on how the majority is living. The majority is living by the media’s and society’s norms and expectations so, do not fall into the same trap. Do not believe that what the majority are doing is correct, and you should follow them.

6. Free yourself from your emotions: Do not let your emotions control you. If you experience the fear of feeling, it is crucial to learn and understand it to overcome it. Do not let your fear and emotions dictate what you should and can do. Whatever emotion is holding you back in life, learn more about it, and how to overcome it to become stronger than your emotion to be free to live the life you want.

7. Free yourself from yourself. You have to be free and let go of what you already know to learn new knowledge to help you live better. New knowledge will be developed every second, and sometimes you need to let go of old knowledge to give yourself the opportunities to explore and learn new things so you can create new ways of living that might be a better way for you than before. You cannot settle for your current life just because it might seem right and comfortable.


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