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Youth Social Change Project

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The Youth Social Change Project is designed to help youths learn how to discover and use their strengths, talents, and passion to make an impact and difference in the world, in which they will experience meaning, purpose, and belonging. The program has three components: an event, support groups, and an application component. The application and support group are also included when you purchase the event ticket. 

#1 Zoom Event: Youth Social Change Project

Youths will learn the following:

  1. Discover and apply your strengths, talents, and passions

  2. Learn how to create social change at different levels: individual, community, and society

  3. Create life meaning and purpose to reach your full potential

  4. Learn how to develop a successful career as a social change agent

  5. Develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills to overcome challenges

  6. Learn how to turn your knowledge and experience into successful content

  7. Have the opportunity to share on our blog, social media, newsletter, and many more.


#2 Application: Applying social change

Youths will have access to an online portal to track how they use their strengths, talents, and passions to create social change. 

#3 Zoom Support Group: Sharing and supporting each other

Youths will meet in informal support groups to share how they create social change and learn from each other. If youths have difficulty creating social change, this support group is critical, as they will learn from others' examples. 

Upcoming Events

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