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Who We Are

Wake-Up Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, developed in 2013, providing personal development programs and services to help high-risk youths transform into incredible individuals and reach their full potential. Through our programs and services, youths learn how to successfully identify and apply their passions to do great work, and positively impact their lives, communities, society, and the world! 

Our Founder & Executive Director

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Dr. Mykim Tran began her career in 2010 as a speaker, motivating and inspiring youths to feel better about themselves. After Dr. Tran moved to the South Sacramento area to continue her work, Dr. Tran encountered a lot of low-income youths and families, which led to the founding of the Wake-Up Foundation in 2013. Dr. Tran also met many community advocates who encouraged her to start a non-profit to provide services for the community. Learning about the non-profit community, Dr. Tran seized the opportunity to become a leader for youths and social change. Dr. Tran believes that anything is possible when you are learning, applying, and growing daily. 

Special Featured in Authority Magazine

In an interview with Authority Magazine on April 2023, Dr. Tran shared the pros and cons of the educational system. She also shared 5 tips on how to improve the educational system and her upcoming works to help youths and students thrive in the 21st century.


Authority Magazine is a Medium publication, sharing in-depth, and interesting interviews, featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. We believe that good stories should feel beautiful to the mind, heart, and eyes.

Special Featured in Live Wire: Access Sacramento

Watch an interview of Dr. Tran on Live Wire: Access Sacramento [00:15:20]  in July 2019, where she shares the Wake-Up Foundation's mission and the importance of personal development. 

Access Sacramento (Access) is a nonprofit public access station providing 100% local television and radio programming to the greater Sacramento region. 

Click here for more special features. 


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