Youth Blog

Do you have a positive experience that motivates and inspires others to live better? Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge to improve your community, society, and the world? If you do, then our youth blog is for you. 


The following are the requirements to get your knowledge and experience featured on the youth blog:

  • Write up 3-5 tips on a topic you would like to share

  • Please make sure to explain how your knowledge and experience improve one or more of the following (yourself, others, your community, society, or the world)

  • Submit a short bio and a headshot picture of yourself

  • Create a Powerpoint Presentation of your blog

  • Create a video of your blog

  • Send proof of ID that you are between 14 and 24 years old

If you need help creating a blog, you can enroll in the Youth Social Change Project to learn how to turn your knowledge and experience into a successful blog. Please click here to download a template to help you create your youth blog successfully.

Each month, we will pick the top blog and share it with our community partners, newsletters, social media, etc. 


Please submit your materials to Once you submit your material, if approved, you will get an email notification that it will be featured on the blog.