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5 Ways to be Proud of Yourself

Being proud of yourself is a method to increase your confidence to help you achieve great things. How you feel about yourself is how you see yourself.

Your Accomplishments, Strengths, and Talents

Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small or big. You can see your strengths and talents clearly when you acknowledge your accomplishments. Your accomplishments cannot be possible without you using your strengths and talents. Even though you might not get the results you hope for from using your strengths and talents, they have helped you in multiple ways. Also, even if you have the same strengths and talents as others, the way you apply them will be different than others, which means you will get different results. Whatever strengths and talents you have, be proud of them.

Every time you have a success, small or big, write down the learned knowledge and skills you have gained, the strengths and talents you have used, and be proud of them. Great success comes from daily small accomplishments that involve learning and effort. Sometimes you might not see a clear connection between your small and big wins, but there is a connection between them. Also, sometimes you won’t be able to see the connection until the future. The more you see and use your strengths and talents, the more you will feel great about yourself to be proud of yourself.

You will also start to see a clear sign of where your strongest strengths and talents are when you acknowledge your successes. You tend to use similar strengths and talents to achieve your goals. You might not use your strengths and talents in the same way or level for all your accomplishments or be consciously aware that you are using them, but you are using them.

Overcoming Challenges

Be proud that you overcame your daily challenges, small and big. It is not easy to overcome challenges sometimes, especially new ones. Life is filled with challenges, and you cannot escape from them. A new challenge will manifest once you overcome a challenge. Life success is about learning how to overcome challenges. Therefore, you should be proud of yourself daily for overcoming daily challenges.

Do not believe that overcoming a small challenge is not a big deal and that you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. You might believe it is not a big deal because you have the knowledge and skills to overcome it. However, many people cannot overcome the same challenge as you. Therefore, you should be proud to have the knowledge and skills to overcome the challenge.

Like your accomplishments, list down the knowledge and skills you have used to help you overcome your challenges. They could be physical, mental, emotional, or whatever you have used to overcome your challenges. This is another opportunity to see which knowledge and skills you often use, which could be your strongest strengths and talents.

For example, you should be proud of yourself whenever you avoid the temptation to smoke or do bad things. Avoiding peer or societal pressure is difficult because it takes courage. Every time you can avoid the challenge of temptation, which means you have the strength of courage, self-esteem, and self-confidence. If you encounter similar challenges where you must use your courage to not do the wrong things, then courage could be one of your strongest strengths. You must understand that not everyone has the courage to avoid peer or societal pressure. Therefore, you should be proud that you have the strength of courage.

You will face and overcome different challenges as you go through life, and you should be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself will increase your self-confidence to believe in yourself and overcome future challenges.

Daily Activities

Be proud that you can do your daily activities such as going to school, working, taking care of yourself and your family, exercising, doing your chores, and the list goes on and on. Managing all those activities takes a lot of time and work, and you should be proud of yourself. Even though you might have to do those activities to survive or improvement is needed for them, be proud of yourself for how much you have managed them so far.

Another reason you should be proud of yourself for managing your daily activities is that you won’t achieve your goals and dreams without them. For example, if you cannot take care of yourself, then you will not have the energy and strength to take action to continue achieving your goals and dreams. Those daily activities are the foundation to help you go through life successfully. Therefore, you must be proud of yourself.

List down all your daily activities and be proud of each one. For example, if you go to work daily, be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself that you were able to attain a job. Or be proud that you brush your teeth daily because it helps you a lot in life. For instance, people would enjoy being around you more when you do not have bad breath than people with bad breath. As a result, you have a higher chance of building successful relationships. Brushing your teeth daily also improves your hygiene and health, increasing your self-confidence.

When you can see that your daily activities contribute to your accomplishments, you will have more motivation to improve on those daily activities. The more you improve on those daily activities, the more success you will have in achieving big goals and dreams. You should be proud of that.

Not Giving Up

Be proud that you can still wake up every morning to continue learning and growing because that is a great accomplishment. Life success is about moving forward because it does not stop moving forward, and you shouldn’t either. You must continue learning and growing because you are a living thing. Living things either grow or die, they do not stay the same. Therefore, you should be proud of yourself for the continued learning and growing that you are doing daily.

For example, if you never give up on finding a job to support yourself, be proud of yourself. Or if you did not quit achieving your goals, be proud of yourself. If you did not quit finding ways to create a better life, be proud of yourself. If you did not quit on yourself in overcoming your mistakes, be proud of yourself.

Not giving up on yourself is important because no one and nothing will come to your rescue to make your life successful except for you. Not giving up on yourself is a sign of courage and strength. Sometimes it can be discouraging and difficult to move forward when you encounter challenge after challenge to achieve your goals, dreams, and lifestyle. Therefore, you should be proud of yourself for not giving up.

When you acknowledge and are proud of yourself for not giving up, it will increase your motivation to improve and achieve greater things because you have achieved so many things already.

Your lifestyle

Be proud of your lifestyle. Be proud of the things you do in your life and the relationships you have built. Be proud of what you have created, even though you might have more to learn and develop. Being proud of yourself in the present moment prepares you to become successful in the future. If you feel good about yourself right now, you will be more motivated to continue taking action to improve yourself than if you do not feel good about yourself.

When you see that your future can be better through you, you should be proud of yourself because that is an accomplishment. Some people do not believe their future can improve, so they quit. Even though you might have setbacks, it does not mean you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. If you can pick yourself back up and not give up, you should be proud of yourself for continuing to learn, develop, and live your life.


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