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The Personal
Development Experience

The personal development experience is a program designed to help youths learn about personal development and apply it to their daily lives to become better, stronger, and happier people. Personal development will help youths increase self-understanding, learn how to make great decisions, and build inner strength to do the right things. The program has three components: an event, support groups, and an application component. All activities will be conducted online. The application and support group are also included when you purchase the event ticket. 

#1 Zoom Event: The personal development experience

Youths will learn the following:

  1. What is personal development?

  2. Why is personal development important at an early age?

  3. How to apply personal development in all life areas (career, relationships, health, body, mind, spirit, and many more)

  4. Tools and resources for personal development

#2 Application: Applying personal development

Youths will get access to an online portal to track how they apply personal development in their lives.

#3 Zoom Support Group: Sharing and supporting each other

Youths will meet in informal support groups to share how they apply personal development and learn from each other. If youths have difficulty applying personal development, this support group is critical, as they will learn from others' examples.

Upcoming Events

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