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Jenny Vang, 21

Q: When did you first discover about Wake-Up Foundation?

A: I discovered Wake-Up Foundation on September 13, 2019, through a family member.

Q: How long was your experience at Wake-Up Foundation?

A: Over 11 months, including attending 2 programs, 8 months of volunteering, and 2 months of internship.

Q: During your experience, what did you enjoy or benefit from the most?

A: I enjoyed having a conversation with a small group of people. Sometimes when there's a big group, I tend to get anxious. Not only that, but the program exceeded my expectation because I didn't think I would be able to seek new information that I could use and learn to this day.

Q: What was one unexpected benefit you experienced?

A: I could find what I like and don't like as an individual. I got to learn what my strongest skills were and what I really lacked.

Q: How has your life changed afterward?

A: After the first program, I got a really positive outcome where I could elevate my goals. I then decided to participate again because I was in a situation where I could get help finding solutions to my problems. I also decided to volunteer and intern after the programs because of the positive experiences. Now, I live by positive outcomes. Certainly, not everything I do will get me to where I want, but I'm able to learn that if I cannot solve my problems--- I should not give up because there will always be other solutions for it.

Q: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite event, program, or service, and why?

A: I would choose events because they are more engaging, and I find myself carrying out positive aspects from them. Q: What made our event/program stand out from other options?

A: It's very precise and straightforward. Most of the events/programs are very close-related to the ones I would like to learn.

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