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Sona Khachiyan, 21

Q: When did you first discover about Wake-Up Foundation?

A: I discovered Wake-Up Foundation in the summer of 2022 through an internship program.

Q: How long was your experience at Wake-Up Foundation?

A: 2 months of internship.

Q: During your experience, what did you enjoy or benefit from the most?

A: I learned a lot about personal growth and mental health by both interning and attending workshops. I also developed many new social media/creative skills by using various apps.

Q: What was one unexpected benefit you experienced?

A: I learned a lot about how to use technology through many different apps, which are now very useful in my personal life.

Q: What made the event/program stand out from other options?

A: This program specifically focuses on introspection, where change comes within. I really liked the aspect, where working on oneself was a priority and a way to improve the world.

Q: How has your life changed afterward?

A: I gained many valuable experiences and now have a lifelong coach and mentor (Dr. Mykim Tran), who guides and helps me progress through my career. Working under Dr. Tran was a great honor, as I learned a lot from her, and she shared many life experiences that helped me view the world differently.

Q: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite event, program, or service, and why?

A: I would recommend interning/volunteering, as you get to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and, in the process, learn so much. It is also a great creative outlet, as many of the projects involve making and organizing tools for people to use.

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