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Wendy Marie Vang, 26

Q: When did you first discover about Wake-Up Foundation?

A: I did my research and found Wake-Up Foundation's organization through a volunteer website in March 2023.

Q: How long was your experience at Wake-Up Foundation?

A: 1.5 month

Q: During your experience, what did you enjoy or benefit from the most?

A: The program introduced me to an application called Canva which is a graphic design platform used to edit and create social media content. It is now one of my favorite applications, and now I always look forward to creating fun content on this application.

Q: What was one unexpected benefit you experienced?

A: I gained transferrable skills and will continue using the Canva application for my work. I also gained a lot of support and got the chance to experience a community environment.

Q: What made the event/program stand out from other options?

A: The director of this program provides great quality services for the community. Dr. Mykim Tran not only provides services to the youth. She welcomes individuals who are in college and help support them by giving them the opportunity to learn and gain skills. Her great personality and enthusiasm to help others create a welcoming environment, and she has achieved in helping various communities thrive. That is what makes the program special. You will gain a lot of confidence working with Dr. Tran and get the chance to experience a supportive community.

Q: How has your life changed afterward?

A: The program has helped me gain transferable skills, and I've been able to apply the experience to my work and life. I'm very thankful for this opportunity. I support Wake-Up Foundation's mission and will always be there to support the program. It has also provided me with the same support. I look forward to working with Wake-Up Foundation in the future.

Q: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite event, program, or service, and why?

A: The volunteering service is professional and creates a welcoming experience.

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