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Kevin Nguyen, 23

Q: When did you first discover about Wake-Up Foundation?

A: During the summer of 2020 for a study program on the growth mindset from Dr. Mykim Tran.

Q: How long was your experience at Wake-Up Foundation?

A: 2 months and 2 weeks. 6 weeks for the study program, and 4 weeks for individual support from Dr. Mykim Tran.

Q: During your experience, what did you enjoy or benefit from the most?

A: Participation from other people and getting to pick people's brains from the workshops.

Q: What was one unexpected benefit you experienced?

A: There were more events and opportunities to be attended, such as the weight loss and lifestyle workshops.

Q: How has your life changed afterward?

A: I learned and signed up for more events and messaged Dr. Mykim Tran privately to do career counseling.

Q: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite event, program, or service, and why?

A: Career development because it's something I struggle with. Q: What made our event/program stand out from other options?

A: I got tired of meeting with school counselors. I wanted to try something different and speak to someone on the outside.

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