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6 Ways to Build a Sense of Belonging in Life

Creating a sense of belonging in the world helps you to build a connection with yourself, other things; such as people, society, and humanity. The greater your connection, the greater your sense of belonging to help you become the best person you can be. To create a sense of connection and belonging, you would have to contribute and add value. Discover the 6 ways on how you can build connections and a sense of belonging in life.

1. The connection with your family: You want to see how you can contribute and add to your family. For example, see how you can add values and suggestions when there are family meetings or discussions. Even though your suggestions might not be agreed among your family members, if you are being heard and supported by your family members, your sense of connection and belonging is growing. If something is not working out, you want to have the ability to raise your concerns. By working together and improving your family structure, you are creating connections and bonds, which will lead to a sense of belonging within your family.

2. The connection with social groups: Whichever groups you are a part of such as; school, church, community, work, etc., make sure you can contribute and add value to these groups. For example, see how you can use your strengths and talents to add value and improve these groups. Even a small contribution can increase your connections with these groups. If you are not sharing your ideas or suggestions, and not being heard, you may feel left out, as a result, it can be quite difficult to develop a sense of connection and belonging within the group. If that is the case, then that group might not be the best for you. Then, you should seek out new groups to see how your strengths and talents can be a greater value to other groups.

3. The connection with your community: You are a part of your community. So, it is important to learn how to connect with your community. For example, you can take a daily or weekly walk around your neighborhood and community and see what is happening around you. Even if you do not talk to anyone directly and walk around in the community, your connections and a sense of belonging will increase, the best thing is to get to know and build strong relationships with your neighbors. For example, when you see your neighbors, be friendly and introduce yourself, create small talk to open the channel of communication to build a relationship. With a strong relationship, you can support one another when in need, which is important to help you feel safe within your community. You can also do small acts of kindnesses such as picking up trash that you might see around your neighborhood and community. When you walk to your car or house, and see a trash on the ground, you can simply pick it up and throw it in the trash. The more you contribute and add value, the stronger your connections and sense of belonging become for your community.

4. The connection with society and the world: You want to see how you can add value to society and the world. Ask yourself daily; “How are my behaviors and lifestyle making a positive impact in society and the world?” See what the world is missing or in need of improvement, and then see how you can use your strengths and talents to improve the situation. If you do not know how to use your strengths and talents to contribute to society and the world, then you can do some research on how others use their strengths and talents. See how you can do the same or similar things as them. Even though you might not see the result from your actions; if you know that you are doing your best and contributing to society and world, you are still bringing values and a sense of belonging in the world. You will develop and grow. It is the acts that matter which will create a sense of connection and belonging within you.

5. Your connection with humanity: You want to see how your contributions and work can continue to make social impacts after you die. You would want to build a legacy that others can continue your work after you have died. Your work cannot be forgotten, and that is when you have reached one of the greatest senses of belonging and in reaching your full potential.

6. Your connection with yourself: You want to work on yourself to learn more about yourself such as your strengths, talents, and passions, and how to build a strong relationship with yourself. It would be difficult for you to add values to others, your community, society, and the world if you are not clear on what your strengths and talents are. It is also important to build a strong relationship with yourself, and to believe in yourself that you can use your strengths and talents successfully to contribute and add values. The more you learn and understand yourself, the more you can appreciate and realize the great potential within yourself to build a strong relationship with yourself. Learn to care and love yourself as you would care about and love another person. Spend quality time with yourself. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Give yourself positive comments and encouragement. Learn new things to become a stronger and better person to improve your health, relationship, career, or any other area that you might need to improve on. Learn new ways to understand more about life, society, and the world on how they work so you can make better decisions to live life more successfully. The more you learn about yourself and become a better and stronger person every day, the better the chance you would have to contribute and add value to create a sense of connection and belonging within yourself, family, others, community, society, the world, and humanity.


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