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5 Mindsets You Must Develop

The Growth Mindset

The growth mindset allows you to believe in yourself and that you can overcome and achieve anything through learning and effort. You will face many challenges in achieving your goals and dreams. It is your ability to overcome your challenges that will determine your success. Carol Dweck, the leading founder of the growth mindset, discovered that the thing distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful people is their ability to overcome challenges. The stronger your growth mindset, the more motivation you will have to learn and overcome your challenges.

The growth mindset also helps you believe that no matter how many times you have failed, you can still succeed through the learning and applying continuum. Without the growth mindset, you can be influenced to believe that you are not meant to achieve your goals after one or two failures. The growth mindset helps you understand that when you fail at your goals, it does not mean you will not become successful. It motivates you to pick yourself back up after every failure because you believe that another solution will manifest to support you through learning. It just depends on how strong your growth mindset is to believe that there are still solutions out there because life has unlimited solutions.

Third, the growth mindset helps you believe you can achieve anything you desire, even if you do not have the knowledge and skills. Many people often have a false belief that they need to have the knowledge and skills upfront to achieve their goals. However, according to the growth mindset theory, no matter your education level and experience, you can achieve anything through learning and applying. The more you learn and apply to grow your knowledge and skills, the closer you get to success.

It is important to develop a growth mindset because it will motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone. Challenging goals often require you to learn new knowledge and skills to succeed, and the growth mindset helps you believe you can acquire the knowledge successfully. Furthermore, the great thing about the 21st century is that no matter what you want to achieve, the roadmap is available on the internet, in books, in workshops, and training. It depends on how strong your growth mindset is to help you succeed.

If you would like to learn how to develop a growth mindset, please go to our video tap and watch the video titled “How to develop a growth mindset.”

The Positive Mindset

A positive mindset helps you see the positive in every situation. Developing and having a positive mindset is not about having positive results all the time but having the ability to look for the positive in every situation. No matter how negative a situation seems, it has a positive side. A negative cannot exist without a positive. In any given situation, positive and negative will develop. It depends on what you look for, the positive or the negative. Yes, it can be harder to see the positive in a negative situation because the negative might be stronger than the positive, but the positive side is still there. No matter how small the positive is, you will look for it until you find it, and that is a positive mindset.

It is your ability to look for the positive in a negative situation that will develop your positive mindset the quickest. If you believe that you need to have positive outcomes all the time to develop a positive mindset, then you set yourself up for many disappointments because that will not be possible. When you train yourself to look for the positive, your mind will automatically look for the positive in every situation.

Developing a positive mindset is vital because the way you approach and develop your life is based on your mindset. A positive mindset helps you see things more positively, leading to positive behaviors that result in positive outcomes.

Looking for the positive helps you feel better about yourself and life, motivating you to keep learning and growing. For example, when you spot a positive thing, it means that thing can improve your life. Therefore, you are more motivated to continue learning and growing to experience more positive outcomes. In contrast, if you see the negative in a situation, you are unlikely to want to continue learning because you do not want to experience the same negative experience again. The negative outcome paralyzes you from moving forward, but life success is about moving forward.

If you want to learn how to develop a positive mindset, please go to our video tap and watch the video titled “How to become a positive person.”

The Abundant Mindset

An abundant mindset helps you believe that better opportunities will always be available. No matter how often you have failed, better opportunities will still be available. Life is filled with unlimited opportunities. The stronger your abundant mindset, the more motivation you will have to keep learning and growing to receive new opportunities.

You must understand that you are not limited to certain people, experiences, or things. For example, if you have been in a bad relationship for a few years, it does not mean you are meant to be with that person. Or if you have difficulty finding the right person to be with, it does not mean you are meant to be alone. If you have failed multiple times in finding the right career, it does not mean you are not meant to do something great. When you do not have an abundant mindset, you are more inclined to settle for something or someone less than what you deserve because you believe there is nothing better for you.

The abundant mindset will motivate you to let go and continue to learn and grow for better opportunities. If not, you will be stuck with things or people not bringing you happiness. Yes, sometimes the next opportunity will not come immediately, but it is coming to you if you are willing to learn and receive it. Work on improving yourself so when the next person or opportunity comes, you are ready to receive it. The stronger your abundant mindset, the more motivation you will have to let go, learn, grow, seek, and be ready for new opportunities.

The Military Mindset

The military mindset helps you to be laser-focused to achieve your goals and life purpose. In the military, soldiers are trained to put everything out of their minds except for the mission. They are taught to be laser-focused and not allow anything to get in their way to fulfill the mission. Whatever is in the way, soldiers cannot make any excuse but find a way to overcome their obstacles so they can fulfill the mission. With a laser-focused mindset, soldiers always find a solution to overcome obstacles to fulfill their mission.

You must also develop a military mindset to achieve your goals and life purpose. You cannot make excuses but must find ways to overcome challenges to achieve your goals and fulfill your life purpose. You must be laser-focused and believe overcoming challenges is the only way to achieve your goals and life purpose. There is no shortcut to achieving your goals and life purpose. Of course, you want to overcome your obstacles in a way that does not hurt anyone or anything. For example, the soldier does his best to overcome the obstacle but also tries not to cause any harm to other things and people.

Fulfilling your goals and life purpose is your life mission. You must be laser-focused and not allow outside distractions to get to you. The moment external factors get the opportunity to influence your mindset, they will take over you. Your life purpose is an individual journey. You are the only person who will know what your life purpose is. Other things and people are trying to influence you in the opposite direction. You must do whatever it takes to block out external influences immediately. Otherwise, the moment the outside impacts you, you are no longer laser-focused because some of your focus is on something else.

The Learning Mindset

The learning mindset helps you seek out learning opportunities in every situation. There are six reasons why developing a learning mindset is vital.

First, a learning mindset helps you grow. As a human being, you are a living thing. You either grow or die; you do not stay the same. For example, a tree is a living thing. For the tree to grow and become strong, you must water it daily. If you do not water the tree today, its lifespan will decrease to 99%. If you do not water the tree for 2 days in a row, its lifespan will decrease to 98%. Even though 98% is still great, the tree is dying slowly. If you stop watering the tree, it will die. It is the same with you as a human being. You must nourish yourself daily for you to become and stay strong. Otherwise, you will also die slowly from within. Learning is one method to keep you strong. Also, you are not perfect, which means there will always be something that you can learn and improve to become a better individual. You always want to ask yourself, what can I learn to improve myself to become stronger? It is impossible for you to learn everything in the world because there is so much to learn in a lifetime. For that reason, human potential is about being on a lifelong personal development journey.

Second, it is because of the new development of knowledge. New knowledge is being developed every day to help you improve yourself. For example, one of the main reasons why we live longer today compared to earlier days is the new health information available to us. Researchers conduct health studies daily to discover new knowledge. To know what new knowledge is to improve your health, you must develop the learning mindset to keep learning to acquire new knowledge. If not, you will be wasting the new knowledge that is being discovered for you to improve your health and life.   

Third, the learning mindset prepares you for opportunities and challenges. You will be presented with unexcepted opportunities, but you must be ready for them. For example, if an opportunity requires you to have a certain skill but you do not have it, then you are unlikely to grab it because you are not ready for it. As a result, that opportunity will pass you by. Another common example of how many people tend to miss opportunities is from the lack of energy. Therefore, the more you learn new knowledge and build your skillset throughout your life, the more you are ready for any opportunity. The learning mindset also prepares you for challenges because they are like opportunities. Overcoming challenges also requires you to have the knowledge and skills ready. You must not wait until the challenge manifests and start learning the knowledge and skill because it could be too late. When the challenge manifests, it is time to tackle it, not spend time learning new knowledge and skills.

Fourth, the learning mindset decreases the fear of failure. Many people do not want to step outside their comfort zone because they fear they cannot overcome their failure if they encounter it. They believe their life will be negative for the rest of their lives because of their failure. However, when you are learning and growing daily, you will have the knowledge and skill to overcome any failure. You are not afraid of making mistakes, so you are more willing to step outside your comfort zone. No matter how often you have failed, you believe your future can be possible because you can move forward. Even if you must learn new knowledge and skill to overcome failure, you will believe that you can learn successfully, which is the learning mindset. Whatever happens in the future, you are ready, not stuck, and can move forward confidently.  

To learn ways to develop the learning mindset, please go to our video tab and watch the video titled “How to become a lifelong learner.”


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