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6 Traits of Success and Happiness

1. A positive attitude

Your life reflects your attitude. Everything in life has a negative and positive side to it. The way you perceive things and how you develop your life depend on your attitude. If you have a positive attitude, most likely you will see the positive in things. However, if you have a negative attitude, most likely you will see things negatively. Furthermore, you attract what your current attitude is. For example, in a romantic relationship, you tend to attract people who have similar beliefs, values, and interests as you. It is the same with your life. You tend to attract the people and things that reflect who you are now, depending on if you are a positive or negative person.

If your life is not what you hope to be, then re-evaluate your life to see what you can improve to make your life better. The more you work on improving yourself, the more you will attract more positive people and things to help develop a more successful lifestyle.

2. Take responsibility (Be the CE0)

In life, no one and nothing is going to come to your rescue to make your life successful. If you believe that you will wait until someone or something to manifest to make your life possible, then you will be waiting forever. Even if someone better comes along, it is still up to you to make your life possible. That person is there to only support you, but if you do not take the action steps, your life will not be possible. The result you get in life depends on your effort. The more effort you put in the more you will get out.

You must take responsibility for your life, which means whatever that you need to do to make your life possible, you must take action and make it happen. This does not mean you have to take massive action but in taking small daily steps to get the result you want. Be the CEO of your life in making your own decisions. You must decide on what and when you should do things. You decide who can and cannot enter your life. You design your own lifestyle and not copy others. If something is not working out, you must make the decisions to learn and grow to improve it. By the end of the day, it is you who will make your life possible, no one else.

3. How do you respond?

Life is presented to everyone in the same way. The thing that makes each of our life different is how we respond to life situations. The main reason why each of us responds to life situations differently is that we learn different knowledge and skills and are exposed to different things and people throughout our lifespan. How you respond to situations is all up to you. Sometimes you can respond to certain situations better than others. Sometimes others can respond to different situations better than you because of the different knowledge, skills, and experiences that each of us has.

If you want to respond successfully to life situations, personal development is important. Personal development is about learning and growing yourself daily so you can have the knowledge, skills, and experiences to respond to life situations successfully. If you are not learning and growing, and when a challenge manifests, then you would have a difficult time overcoming it because you do not have the knowledge and skills ready for it. Therefore, you must learn and develop yourself daily so you can respond to any life situation successfully.

4. An abundant mindset

An abundant mindset is about believing that there will always be better opportunities for you in the future. For example, if you get fired from a job, always believe that a better job opportunity is out there for you. No matter how great your old job was, there will always be something better. Or if you are in a bad relationship, always believe that there is another person who will give you a better relationship. If you do not have the abundant mindset, then you will have a difficult time moving forward because you believe that nothing is better for you out there.

Life is filled with unlimited opportunities. It just depends on if you are ready to grab onto them or not. For you to see the new opportunities, you must be ready with the knowledge and skills to match the opportunities. If not, you will miss those opportunities. If you are learning and growing daily, then better opportunities will be available to you. You must have high hope and faith.

5. An opened mindset

You want to have an open mindset for unexpected great things to enter your life. There are times where you might want or expect certain things, but sometimes something unexpected will manifest that will be as great or better. However, if you always look for the expected things, but do not have an open mindset for the unexpected, then you are unlikely to see and grab onto the unexpected thing because you might believe that it is not what you want. However, life will give you great things but sometimes in unexpected ways. If you do not have an open mindset, then you will miss the great unexpected opportunities.

6. Be proud of yourself

No matter what happened in your life, be proud of yourself. First, be proud of your successes, small and big. When you are proud of yourself, you are acknowledging your strengths, talents, and the great potential you have within you. Be proud of the challenges and struggles that you have overcome. The main reason why you were able to overcome your challenges is because you have the strengths and talents for it. Otherwise, you will still be stuck and not knowing on how to move forward.

Another way to be proud of yourself is to take small daily action steps to become a better person. For example, if you can drink one more cup of water, be proud of yourself. If you can exercise 5 more minutes of exercising, be proud of yourself. If you were able to help someone in need, be proud of yourself. Take credit and be proud of yourself daily.

Being proud of yourself is not about having big accomplishments all the time but having the ability to feel good about yourself daily. It is a daily practice. The more you can be proud of yourself through your small daily activities, then you are building the habit of appreciating and acknowledging yourself to feel good about yourself. The more you feel good about yourself the better your life becomes.


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