5 Acts of Inner Strength

An act of inner strength is when you do the right thing; even though other things and people are trying to influence you to do something else. It takes a lot of courage to do the right things when others do not support you. However, when you can block out external influences to follow your intuition, that is inner strength, which helps you make great decisions and to reach your full potential.

1. Saying no

Learning how to say “no” and setting boundaries for yourself is an act of inner strength. As a human being, you want to be accepted and loved by others. However, sometimes, you can feel like you must do things just to impress others so they can accept you; even though it might not be the best thing for you. And that is why saying “no” to others is inner strength because you risk the chance of others' disapproval of you.

However, if you say “yes” to others often, you will not have enough time to take care of yourself and your lifestyle. Yes, it is important to help others, but remember never to neglect yourself. You must learn how to control that craving of getting others’ approval to focus on learning and developing yourself.

When you say “no” to others, it does not mean you do not like or disagree with them. It just means that you need to take care of yourself too. You only have 24 hours a day, so you will not have time for everyone and everything. You must learn to develop the inner strength to say “no” to unnecessary things and people so you can have time to take care of yourself and your life. Your life is your responsibility. No one and nothing will come to your rescue to make your life possible except for you.

2. Letting go

Letting go of things and people that do not fit your life is another act of inner strength. Today, in society, letting go can be viewed as a negative thing because it can be seen as a mistake. Therefore, sometimes you might not want to let go of something or someone because you do not want to be perceived as a negative person by others. And that is why letting go is an act of inner strength because you risk the chance of others seeing you as a negative person.

However, letting go shows the world that you have made a mistake and are willing to learn from it, which is another act of inner strength. Life success is about letting go of the things and people that do not serve you anymore so you can move forward successfully. If not, the unwanted things or people in your life will keep you from receiving better things. For instance, that unfitted thing or person is taking up your energy and time that can be used better to make the new things successful. Also, to make anything successful requires 100% focus. You cannot give your 100% focus when your brain is occupied with something else.

Yes, sometimes letting go of something or someone you have been holding on to for so long such as 3, 5, or even 10 years can be tough. And that is why letting go is inner strength. You must understand that letting go does not mean you are a failure. You can fail many times, but that does not mean you are a failure. As long as you are learning and improving from your mistakes, that is life success because it is impossible for you to make the right decisions all the time.

The moment you discover something or someone is not a good fit for you anymore, you must let it go as soon as possible so you can have the opportunity to seek better things and people to enter your life immediately. The more you learn to let go the more inner strength you will gain.

Do not be afraid to start over. Life does not have a timeline of when you should do things. You can start over as often as you need to because happiness is about the journey, not the destination. Life success is about learning, growing, and moving forward daily.

3. Being and staying positive

Learning how to stay and be positive is inner strength. When you encounter setbacks, they can take a toll on you, making it difficult for you to see the positive. People might also put you down for being positive in negative situations because they cannot see or be positive through difficult times. When you can stay positive through any situation, then that is inner strength.

When others treat you negatively but remain positive and do not treat them negatively back, that is also inner strength. You are strong enough not to allow others' negativity to take away your positivity. Sometimes it can be difficult to control your negativity because you might have the urge to want to hurt others as they had hurt you. And that is why staying positive and treating others positively is inner strength.

Also remember that being positive is for you, not really for others. When you are being positive toward others, those positive behaviors affect you the most because it is your behavior, not others. Your behaviors are the things that will change and shape you into a positive person. You cannot turn into a positive person through negative behaviors. No matter how negative someone might treat you, remain positive because that is inner strength.

4. Following your dreams

Following and turning your dreams into reality is inner strength because it takes effort, discipline, courage, commitment, determination, and persistence to become successful. Your dream is also unique to you, so others might not understand it well, which means they might not want to support you. Third, in today's society, no matter where you turn, something or someone is trying to influence you not to follow your dream and do something else.

When you have no one or only a few people who support you, it can be difficult to move forward when you encounter challenges. For example, you might not see instant results when you first follow your dreams which can decrease your motivation. Therefore, you must create your own motivation to continue following your dreams. And that is why following your dreams is inner strength because you believe in yourself that no matter what happens you can become successful.