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7 Tips to Make Great Decisions

Making great decisions is a learning process like anything else. The more choices you make, the better the decision marker you will become. Discover seven tips to help you make great decisions in life.

1. Make your own decisions: Making your own decisions help you to see what fits and not fits into your life, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what your likes and dislikes are. However, if you allow others to make your decisions for you, then they are making decisions based on their own life experiences and the lifestyle they want to live, which will not fit with the lifestyle that you want to develop and live for yourself.

2. Live your own way: Living your own way means making your own decisions on what is best for you. Let go and step outside of the external influences and make your own decisions. When you live your own life, you are more likely to use your own strengths and talents to help you understand yourself and to make great decisions. However, if you are living other’s people lives, then you are using their strengths and talents, which will not help you make great decisions for your life.

3. Increase your self-esteem: A high level of self-esteem helps you to stay focus on yourself and not be influenced by external factors such as family, friends, the media, and society to help you make great decisions for your life. If not, with a low level of self-esteem, you will be more influenced from the outside and be less likely to trust yourself, which will not help you make great decisions.

4. Educate yourself: Education helps you to learn what your strengths, talents, likes, and dislikes are from the things that you have learned. There are three types of educations that you should pursue. The first is a formal education where you get a formal degree or certification. The second is an informal education where you pursue certification programs or training that are not credited in the education system. The third is self-education, where you learn on your own.

5. Apply your knowledge, skill, strength, and talent: Whatever knowledge, skills, strengths, and talents you might think you have at the moment, you must apply them as soon as possible to see if they are your true strength and talent or not. Sometimes what you might think are your strength and talent until you find out that they are not after you applied them. The more you apply your knowledge, strengths, and talents, the sooner you will learn and understand more about yourself to help you make great decisions to move forward in life.

6. Your positive experiences: When you have a positive experience, pay attention to the knowledge, skills, and strengths that you have used. So you can use those same knowledge, skills, and strengths to become successful again.

7. Your negative experiences: When you have a negative experience, pay attention to the reasons why you have failed and your weaknesses. See how you can learn and overcome your failures and flaws to make better decisions in the future. Also, when you can learn from your failures and weaknesses, you will become a stronger person afterward, which should be a very positive thing.


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