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6 Ways to Be Yourself

Being yourself means being unique, which means being as different as possible from others. Discover the 6 different ways to help you be different, so you can be unique and be yourself.

​1. Become an Independent Thinker Being an independent thinker means making your own decisions, doing your own things, in your own ways and timeframes, and coming up with creative solutions to make your life successful. If you are thinking the same way as others, then most likely you would come up with the same solutions as others. That is not being different and unique, so you are not being yourself. You can set the same goals as others, but your thinking on why and how to achieve your goals should be different. For example, let’s say that you want to become a teacher. First, you have to discover your unique reason on why you want to become a teacher that fits who you are because there are many reasons. Second, you want to discover your unique path to achieve your goal. There are also many paths to become a teacher. When you have a clear purpose on why you want to become a teacher, then that fits with who you are as a unique person. You can start to think independently to come up with successful solutions to help you achieve your goal. The great thing about being an independent thinker is that you tend to become more creative. Creativity is about imagination, and imagination comes from within you, being yourself, and thinking differently. Once you achieved your goal in your own unique way, you will be proud of yourself to want to be yourself.

2. Discover and Use Your Strengths and Talents To feel good about yourself is to use your strengths and talents as much as possible to help yourself and others. When you are making a difference in using your strengths and talents, you tend to do great things that you can be proud of. However, if you are not using your strengths and talents, then most likely you will copy other people, in trying to use their strengths and talents. When you use others’ strengths and talents, then you are doing the same thing as others, and that is not being an independent thinker, not being yourself. Here are three tips to help you discover your strengths and talents. First, you want to pay attentions to your accomplishments in your personal, social, and or professional areas. You want to see what strengths and talents you have used to help you become successful in those areas. The main reason why you were successful was because you have the strengths and talents for them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve them. Secondly, you want to pay attention to your hobbies. Our strengths and talents tend to come from doing things that we enjoy. Third, pay attention to subjects or things that you can easily learn faster than others. The main reason why you can learn quicker than others is because you have the strengths and talents for it. Your strengths and talents are things you enjoy learning and doing, and when you enjoy learning something, you tend to learn it faster than others.

3. Take Action in Doing Your Own Things After you discovered your strengths and talents, take immediate actions to do your own things. You do not need to start out big, small is okay. Actually, starting small is more than okay. Whatever knowledge, skill, ability, and resources you have in the moment, see how you can use them to apply your strengths and talents as much as possible. As you take small action steps, you will understand more about your strengths and talents to help you see where you can learn new knowledge and skills to take bigger action steps. The more you do your own things, you will become more creative to develop better solutions to become successful. When you are able to innovate your own ideas, then you can take ownership and be proud of yourself for them. Taking ownership for something that no one else has ever done before can give you one of the greatest experiences of being a human being.

4. Personal growth: Become a better person Personal growth is about learning new knowledge and skills, and applying them to help you become a better and stronger person. When you are on the journey of personal growth, you will not only be able to discover and understand more about your strengths and talents, but you will have the ability to block out external influences to help you stay focused on using your strengths and talents successfully. Many times, we tend to have trouble discovering our strengths and talents, or not knowing how to use them successfully, because we have been influenced by external factors. Here are three ways to help you learn and develop yourself to become a better person. First, you want to learn how to nourish your body. Learn how to improve your diet, exercise, water intake, exercise, and sleep routines. Second, learn how to nourish your mind, by learning how to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and courage to believe in yourself that you can use your strengths and talents successfully. Third, learn how to nourish your spirit by learning how to develop inner peace, appreciation, and forgiveness. The more you nourish your body, mind, and spirit, the more your body, mind, and spirit will feel good, the more you will feel good about yourself, the more you will want to be yourself. You want to become so busy on improving yourself that you have no time to be influenced by external factors. Sometimes, we can be easily influenced by the outside, because we give our attention to the outside. However, when you are busy improving yourself, and with little attention left for the outside, then you will be less influenced by the outside. Remember, you will never run out of things or ways to improve yourself. No matter how great a person you have become, there will always be something that you can learn more to help you become a better and stronger person. As human beings, we are not perfect, which means there will always be some kinds of improvements that you can learn and grow to become better. 5. Do the right things You want to always do the right things for yourself, even if no one agrees with you. Remember, when you are being yourself, which means doing unique and different things than others, people may not always agree with you. You have to believe in yourself that what you are doing for yourself will turn out successfully in the future. Even though you might encounter a setback, it does not mean you will not become successful in the future. Always try to do things that are good for you. For example, if you know that eating healthy is a good thing for you, then you want to put in the effort to try to develop a healthy diet. It does not mean you have to become successful overnight, but try and progress to do something daily to help you move forward to become a healthier person. If you know what you need to read more positive books, then try to figure out a way to read more books. Whatever you believe is a good thing for you to help you become better, then you must make the time and put in the effort to make those things possible. You can start out small and then work yourself up. It is not about getting big results as fast as possible, but having the ability to improve yourself daily. If you can improve yourself daily through small action steps, then that is true personal growth. The more you are doing things that are good for you, the more you will feel good about yourself, the more you will want to be yourself. However, when you do things that are not good for you, even though you might not experience the negative outcome immediately, a negative experience will manifest unexpectedly in the future that will not make you feel good. 6. Be proud of yourself No matter what outcome you get in life, positive or negative, be proud of yourself. The fact that you have the ability to take action to do your own things, that should be an accomplishment in itself. In today society, for you to have the courage to separate yourself and do your own things is not an easy thing, so be proud of yourself. When you have a positive outcome, celebrate your success by acknowledging your strengths and talents. When you have a negative outcome, try to learn new knowledge and skills to improve the situation, and that is a positive opportunity itself. Be proud of yourself that you have the courage to learn new knoweldge and skills to improve your weaknesses and mistakes. Be proud of yourself that you were able to overcome so many life struggles, obstacles, and challenges. Remember, life is about moving forward to be better in the future. So, at the end of the day, if you believe that you can learn and improve, then you should be proud of yourself, and that is the key to feeling good about yourself, so you can want to be yourself. Type your paragraph here.


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