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3 Tips to Create Powerful Intentions (Lonnie Ford)

As you awake and before you begin to start your day have you ever asked yourself, “What do you want to be like? What do you want your day to be like? What energy do you want to give out? Oftentimes, we start and consume our day without checking in with ourselves, and we don’t, we repress ourselves- disconnecting ourselves, our needs, and goals this can cause us to feel overwhelmed and internal tension with ourselves. It is important to connect with yourself and set your own intentions for your day. Think of an intention as a tool to guide you through the day as you’re faced with decisions to make, a reminder of what you want to focus on, etc. Unlocking the power of intention and applying intention will give you a sense of newness and realization, a shift in your mind a soul, opening a new lens upon yourself, your relationships, community, and every facet of your life. 1. Journaling— Simply Writing. Writing your thoughts, fears, goals, dreams, prayers, private thoughts, and emotions can be therapeutic and healing as journaling becomes your outlet and compass. By setting your time to journal, even if results won’t blossom swiftly, you’ll begin to feel a release from what’s inside. The quality of this is it helps you prioritize your thoughts and emotions, have a clear mind, and a healthy process to navigate and release your emotions. Journaling is a gateway to growth. 2. Affirmations- It’s imperative that we not only write, but we must be mindful of the power of the tongue, words hold power. Yes, it’s easier said than done; however, the constant repetition of what you say, and think is what your brain begins to program to believe. For example, if you were to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I am beautiful” or” I am in control of how I respond/react to things throughout the day'' and my personal affirmation, “I am and will be the best intern”. When we say a few affirmations a day to ourselves, we reprogram and unlock the true guidance, tools, and newfound insight to become, believe, and achieve everything we are speaking over ourselves and our life. Thus, you’ll have a new experience and perspective on your life. 3. Consistency- consistency is the key to producing any real success in life. When you apply affirmations and journaling together and are consistent with it daily, it becomes a productivity of who you are, what makes you, and a part of your daily routine, but also produces prosperity. When being consistent with your daily habits, and routines, you obtain new knowledge and skills, to continue to prosper and excel further beyond your capabilities and intentions. And like to add that with consistency comes choice, so we should all be mindful of choosing what we think is best for ourselves and who we want to be. It’s important to be consistent and choose the choice of consistency to build forever, overcome, and flourish.

Youth Author: Loonie Ford

Lonnie Ford is a 22-year-old college student pursuing a career in psychology. He is dedicating all his work, craft, and energy to mental health and personal development.

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