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3 Ways to Take Risks (Jenny Vang)

Find ways to take risks in your life. It is a good skill to have. When you take risks, you become stronger and more confident, gaining more knowledge. It is important to learn new knowledge because it can lead you to opportunities like better health, relationships, and career.

Tip #1: Attending events. If you are a student, take advantage of those school email invitations such as home games, indoor/outdoor activities, or adventure trips. Choose the ones you are most interested in and attend them with your friends. In college, I went to South Lake Tahoe with some friends to learn how to snowboard. This was something I was interested in learning and doing. You become stronger when you take this risk because you are self-discovering your character. You also get to view someone else’s perspective when attending an event.

Tip #2: Attending study groups. For instance, attend a research study group to learn about entrepreneurial skills with a family member. You can ask people around you to see if there are any small study groups or workshops you can attend. Once you do that, reach out to the host you are interested in, then attend it yourself or with a family member. When you attend with someone you know, you will be more comfortable and therefore be able to adapt and learn the knowledge and skills more efficiently.

Tip #3: Let something go when it is not the right fit for you. For example, you enrolled in a course but have decided to withdraw from it because you knew you were not going to pass that class and/or it just wasn’t aligning with your education. This is a risk because you are not familiar with dropping a class, and only you will know if that course is right for you. You should first talk to an advisor or a counselor to see if there are other options for you. You can also research by looking at the same course but from different universities. Sometimes different professors provide better teaching methods or styles. Taking this risk should not degrade your confidence. If anything, it should make you feel more confident because only you will know which options are best for you.

Youth Author: Jenny Vang

Jenny Vang is a 22-year-old alumna of Sacramento State. She graduated in the Spring 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She has an interest in Mental/Behavioral Health and is exploring her way toward her career. Her hobbies are reading books, working out, listening to true crime podcasts, and journaling.

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