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3 Tips to Do the Right Thing (Jenny Vang)

Do the right thing, if not for someone else then do it for yourself. It is important to do the right thing because you want to be positive. You want positive qualities in your life such as being compassionate about something or having integrity.

Tip #1: You can do the right thing by helping others. For example, when your sisters have a problem, you can support them by being there for them. You want to show that you are interested and invested in the conversation. You can ask questions and then give them suggestions or advice. When you are helping someone, it shows that you are being considerate. You also gain knowledge by listening to one’s needs.

Tip #2: Be sure to own up to your own problems. For example, you have a problem with your friends. You must acknowledge by accepting and admitting the issue. If you are unsure of what to do, you can look up solutions by reading on Reddit. If that does not work out, try reading blogs on the internet to get step-by-step solutions. You can also go on social media and ask questions such as “would you do this or that”. You will get the option to choose what fits best. This is beneficial because you are responsible for solving your own problems.

Tip #3: Being a good role model to individuals and the community. By being a role model, people are more likely to want to build relationships with you. For example,

your siblings will look up to you when you ban using profanity when talking to your family because you are creating good habits. An effective way to create good habits is to list out the pros and cons on a piece of paper. This can help you decide which habits you need to improve or change. Making good habits can result in good behaviors. Positive qualities also motivate you to be a good role model in your community because you are allowing yourself to represent the best of you. You are also being inspired because you are making connections with others.

Youth Author: Jenny Vang

Jenny Vang is a 22-year-old alumna of Sacramento State. She graduated in the Spring of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She has an interest in Mental/Behavioral Health and is exploring her way toward her career. Her hobbies are reading books, working out, listening to true crime podcasts, and journaling.

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