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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Exercising is the lifeline to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn how to exercise correctly and daily because your life depends on it.

1. Understand why exercise is essential to you: Everyone has a different reason to exercise. So make sure you have the right reason for you.

2. Challenge yourself: Make sure to challenge your exercise routine. When the body is used to the same routine, it will get bored that will decrease your motivation.

3. Develop a variety of exercise routines: Engage into a variety of exercise routines because you are more likely to get bored and not motivated to exercise when you keep on doing the same exercise routine over and over again.

4. Develop the four foundations of exercise (endurance, strengthening, balance, and flexibility): When you incorporate the four types of exercises regularly, you will gain more benefits from exercising that will increase your motivation.

5. Eat healthily: Eating well gives your body the best capacity to function that will increase your motivation to exercise.

6. Have the right workout shoe: The right workout shoe will increase your exercise productivity that will increase your motivation to want to exercise more.

7. Develop the attitude that exercising it is a lifestyle: Exercise is not just for weight loss or for a short duration but a lifestyle. When you understand that exercise is about life, then you would exercise more.


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