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5 motivational tips to lose weight successfully

To lose weight successfully is about training your mind to focus on the right things.

1. 80/20 percent rule: 80% of your motivation should come from internal and 20% from external. Internal motivation is inner qualities such as happiness, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. In contrast, external motivation is anything from the outside, such as having a good-looking appearance. According to human motivation, internal motivation will push you harder to learn and apply to achieve your goal. Therefore, you want to be clear on how losing weight will improve those inner qualities. The more you are clear about how losing weight will increase those qualities, the more motivation you will have to lose weight. Since you are not perfect, you will always want to have a nice-looking body. However, the external motivation should only be focused on 20% of the time or even less. The lesser, the better.

2. It is a lifestyle change: A successful weight loss is a lifestyle change. This means whatever you do to help you lose weight, such as eating healthy, exercising, and drinking your water, you should continue those habits after your weight loss journey. If you go back to your old habits or stop applying healthy ways, you will be back to your old weight. You must put in the same level of discipline to maintain your weight loss. If not, you will be wasting time and effort you put in to lose weight and be back where you have started. It is important to understand that maintaining your weight loss also requires effort and dedication in applying healthy habits.

3. No shortcut: There is no shortcut for getting and maintaining long-lasting weight loss results. If you take a shortcut, soon, you will realize that you will have to start over, and then you will be wasting more time. Do not expect yourself to get 100% results if you only put in 50% effort. You are setting yourself up for disappointment when you expect to get 100% results from 50% of your effort. And then, you will start to develop the belief that the weight loss method is not working. Therefore, if you are not getting the weight loss result you want, refer to the level of effort you are putting in to successfully apply the proper knowledge and skills to lose weight.

4. A self-improvement journey: Losing weight is a personal development journey because you become a healthier and stronger person along the way. You do not need to reach your weight loss goal to become a healthier and stronger person. If you are learning and applying healthy habits daily, you are improving yourself daily, which is self-improvement. Losing weight is just a method to improve yourself, but the true benefit lies in your learning and effort in losing weight. Every time you learn and apply something positive to improve your health, you improve yourself. When you know that you are doing the right thing by successfully using positive habits to lose weight, that is more aligned with internal motivation. Instead of focusing on losing weight because I want to look good from the outside, believe that you are caring and loving yourself through your weight loss journey. You engage in healthy behaviors to lose weight because it will improve your quality of life.

5. Beyond the physical benefits: There are so many benefits to losing weight besides the physical benefits. Losing weight to become a healthier person can improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Do some research and discover the many other benefits of losing weight. For example, losing weight can decrease your stress level because having a lot of fat can develop stress for your body and mind. The more you are aware of the many benefits of weight loss, the more motivation you will have to lose weight successfully.


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