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7 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Learning and knowing what true happiness is will help you make quick and great decisions for your life.

1. Know happiness: You have to learn what happiness is, as the knowledge does not come to you automatically.

2. Guarantee your happiness: The only way to guarantee your happiness is for you to create it yourself.

3. Happiness is taking action: The more action you take to do what brings you happiness, the happier you will become.

4. Gratification vs. Happiness: It is important to learn how to distinguish between gratification and happiness because it might be tricky to see the differences at the beginning.

5. Keep your goals and dreams alive: As long as you are moving toward your goals and dreams, then your happiness is alive.

6. Create your own lifestyle: Creating your own lifestyle allows you to create and do things that fit your own happiness.

7. Increase your self-esteem: Self-esteem gives you the ability to believe in yourself and that you take action and experience more happiness in your life.


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