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6 Ways to Grow Your Passion

The best way to discover and grow your passion is to apply it in as many different ways as possible. First, applying your passion helps you to understand what you need to learn to grow your passion. Second, applying your passion helps you to see which method grows your passion the fastest to become successful. You can apply your passion in multiple ways, but the best approach should be used 80% of the time in your career and life. Third, applying your passion helps you to experience more meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness in life, which would increase your motivation even more.

1. Learn: Take a course, class, and or workshop to learn more and how to use your passion successfully. Taking a class helps you to see what you already know and what you still need to learn. You will be surprised by the many methods that are available for you to apply and grow your passion that you have never been aware of. You can take a course at a community college or recreation center, or sign up for an online workshop or training. Just do a simple research online, and you will see a list of places that have courses and workshops that are related to your passion. A sign of passion is when you get really excited and looking forward to going to a class or workshop.

2. Read: Read books, articles, journals, and magazines that relate to your passion. Do not just stick to one or two types of readings such as books or articles, but engage in as many different kinds of readings as possible. Each type of reading helps you to apply your passion differently, which means it can also increase your creativity to apply your passion effectively.

3. Volunteer: Volunteer in doing activities that relate to your passion. Volunteering is an excellent way because you are actually taking action and testing out your passion in reality by helping others—one of the best ways to know if what you are doing is genuinely your passion or not. There are many organizations, groups, and clubs that are looking for individuals to volunteer to share your passion. It does not matter what kind of passion you have; someone is looking for your expertise and time.

4. Write: Write articles and blogs related to your passion. You can create a personal blog website and post articles on it. Today, there are many companies that offer free website building. Share your blog website to your network or publish it for the public to see and to get feedback. You can also create handouts, worksheets, and short E-books and post them on your website. Post your content on freelancer websites and start making a profit if you want. Also, there are many other websites, newspapers, and magazines that are looking for writers to write on specific topics that do not require a lot of writing skill. For example, many companies are looking for individuals to write 250-500 words articles and blogs, which is not a lot of writing.

5. Create: Create videos or audios related to your passion. Again, you can upload your videos and audios on your personal websites or on YouTube, and on many other platforms such as social media. You can create short and long videos and audios. It is all up to you.

6. Teach: Teach your passion to others. You can hold a small workshop or class on your passion in person or online. Even if you only teach it to two or three people, it is a great way to test out your passion. When you teach it to others, you can learn more about your strength and weakness. For example, if you have trouble explaining something to others, which means that area needs improvement. Either you did not have a great understanding of that area, or you might need to redo your learning content or presentation. Do not think that your passion is too small or silly that others would not want to learn from you. There will always be others who know less than you who can benefit from your knowledge and passion. Even though others might not give you feedback or comment on your content, or you might not know how many people are watching or reading your content, someone is benefiting from your content.


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