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5 Pitfalls to Avoid to Discover Your Passion

Believing that you should know at an early age

Your passion does not just reveal to you when you are born or at an early age. Some people discover their passion early in life because they might have the opportunity to try different things and have the support to turn their passion into reality. However, you might not have the privilege to learn and be around the right people early in life, so it might be difficult for you to discover your passion. However, if you haven’t discovered your passion early in life, it does not mean you cannot later.

Studies have revealed that individuals with passions for the arts such as music or dancing tend to develop early in life. Also, many places offer learning and training opportunities for those and other common career paths such as engineering, education, law, construction, etc. So, individuals whose passion falls in those areas have more opportunities to learn and develop which means their passions will grow quickly.

In contrast, if your passion falls outside of those common areas, then you have fewer opportunities to learn and develop, meaning your passion will take longer to develop. You might have a unique passion that requires more learning and development, especially when your passion is rarely seen in the world. Therefore, you might doubt that you cannot turn your passion into reality because it might take longer than others. Therefore, you must be self-motivated to learn independently to grow your passion without getting discouraged. There are others who didn’t discover their passions until their 60s or 70s. No matter how old you are, you can still discover and grow your passion at any age.

It is important to understand that as human beings, everyone has a passion within them. It depends on your ability to learn, develop, and be in a supportive environment to grow it. Human potential is for everyone, no one is left behind. When you see others doing great things with passion and you are not near to discovering your passion, it does not mean you are not meant to do great things like them.

Believing it is a skill you cannot learn to discover

Discovering your passion is a learning skill like anything else. Nothing in life appears magically. Your passion does not just reveal to you in a strong force to tell you it is your passion. Even though certain things might appear out of nowhere, something happened before that moment to make your passion a reality. Your passion is like a seed. Seeing the seed at the beginning can be difficult because it is small. It can be hard to realize your passion when it is initially weak.

Discovering your passion means learning and understanding more about yourself because your passion is you. Your passion is a representation of who you are. For instance, you want to learn more about human potential because you are human. Learn about life because you are a part of life, such as why you and certain things exist, and why they exist in certain ways. The more you understand those things, the more you will understand about yourself and what you are meant to do in life.

You must be on a continuous journey of personal development. The rate you discover and grow your passion will determine by the time and effort you put into learning and developing yourself. Do not expect to discover your passion without you putting the time and effort in. And never make excuses that you did not have any passions when you did not put in the effort and time to learn and develop yourself. That is another pitfall that you must learn to avoid developing.

You must also be in the right environment to get the support to nourish and grow your passion. Your passion will grow quickly when you are in a supportive environment. Sometimes it might seem that people are gifted individuals when they can discover and grow their passion quickly. It just means they have the right learning opportunities to grow their passion. In contrast, you might know your passion, but it will not grow and become reality if you are not in the right environment.

Copying others

Copying others will decrease your chances of discovering and using your passion. When copying others, you are trying to use their passions, not yours. And then, you do not have the opportunity to learn and develop your passion. As a result, your passion will weaken to the point where you believe you do not have a passion like others. Also, you will never be as successful as others when you copy them. The main reason why others are successful is that they focus on learning and growing their passions. You must follow your passion if you want to achieve the same success.

You can learn and be motivated and inspired by successful people, but do not copy them. For example, whatever knowledge and skills they develop to help them succeed, you can also learn the same skills, but you must apply them to your passions. Even though your passion might be similar to others, there is a slight difference. You must discover that difference to apply your knowledge and skills to your difference and succeed.

Influenced by others

If you have difficulty following your passion even though you might know what it is, others have influenced you. Your family and friends could influence you to believe that you will not become successful. They have put doubt and fear in you that you cannot become successful. They have influenced you to believe another path will be better for you. They have used the pitfalls to influence you not to learn, discover, and grow your passion. You have become so tired of trying to explain to others that what you are doing is right for you, and you find it easier to follow their suggestions than to follow your passion. You have been influenced to believe that if no one supports you, then you will not become successful.

You must learn to avoid and block out external influences. Discovering your passion is an individual journey. No one will understand your passion except for you.

Doubting yourself

You do not believe in yourself that you can turn your passion into reality because you have been influenced by outside negativity. However, the trust is, whatever you need to learn and turn your passion into a reality, you can. As a human being, you can overcome and achieve anything. It just depends on your level of learning and effort.

You must be around individuals who will believe in and support you. Be around individuals who motivate, inspire, and empower you so that your passion is possible. Read successful people's biographies, they will share with you their challenges and success stories. You can learn the methods they have used to overcome those challenges.

Learn more about human potential to help you discover that everyone is born gifted. Learning about human potential can also increase your self-belief because you will learn that every human being has the ability to overcome and achieve anything. The more you believe in that, the more courage you will have to start to learn and take action.


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