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5 Ways to Learn

Many of us believe that learning is vital because it provides us with new knowledge to help us become more successful in life. Many people would also think that going to school and college are the primary ways to learn. However, in the 21st century, there are many ways to learn. Below are five different ways to help you learn and grow. Each type of learning teaches you different knowledge that you might not aware of. Secondly, each type of learning provides you with a different format to apply your understanding creatively and successfully. Third, every kind of learning gives you a different experience to understand yourself and life more.

1. Formal education: This type of learning is when you go to school and college to get a degree or credential that is credited by the education system.

2. Informal education: This type of learning is when you attend a workshop, training program, and or seminar to learn. You can get a certificate for completing the workshop or training, but most likely it is not credited by the education system.

3. Self-education: This type of learning is when you do your own research to learn, such as reading books, magazines, and journals, listening to audios, watching videos, or even asking other experts to help you gain new knowledge.

4. Learning from others: This type of learning is when you observe how other people do things and then learn from them. For example, when someone has a positive experience, see how you can apply the same thing to improve your life. When someone has a negative experience, see what you can do differently to have a more positive experience than them. You also want to listen to the messages that people share. If they share something positive, then see how you can apply that knowledge into your life. If they share something that is not positive for you, then do not use it in your life.

5. Learning from yourself: This type of learning is when you learn from your own experiences. When you have a negative experience, see where your weaknesses are so you can learn and improve. When you have a positive experience, see where your strengths are so you can grow and use them again to make your life better.


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