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5 Things You Must Take Responsibility for in Life

Since each of us learns and experiences things differently, we would develop different beliefs and values that shape our lives. This means no two people will have the same lifestyle. In this case, it is all up to you to make your life possible. Discover five things that you must take responsibility for in order to develop a successful lifestyle.

1. Developing your own life: You have to take full responsibility to figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to develop and live. You can learn from others and use their experiences as examples, but it is up to you to use the knowledge, skill, and experience to develop in your own life. You should not be copying other people's lifestyles or ideas. Also, you cannot settle for a certain way or do certain things because the majority is doing it. Even though everyone might have to do certain things such as eating, exercising, sleeping, etc. you have to figure out how to develop those habits into your lifestyle.

2. Making your life successful: You are the sole person who will make your life possible and successful. America is an individualistic country, which means we are more focused on our individual’s needs. No one and nothing will come to your rescue in making your life possible and successful, except for you. Even though others might help you along the way, it is still up to you to make your life possible, not others. Whatever goals and dreams you have, you must take responsibility to make them happen. If you are waiting for someone to make your goals and dreams a reality, you will most likely be waiting forever.

3. Your life outcomes: Whatever life outcomes you have, you have to take responsibility for them, and not complain or blame external factors such as your family, friends, the media, the government, society, etc. When you blame external factors, your motivation will decrease, which will make it even harder for you to come up with solutions to move forward. When you blame external factors, at some level, you are waiting for the outside to change for your life to improve. However, if you want your life to change and improve, you and your behaviors must change. It does not matter what the outcome might be; there will always be something that you can take responsibility to learn and improve. 4. Your emotions: No one creates your feelings except for you. If you experience a negative emotion, it resulted from how you responded to the situation, and not the situation itself. For example, many of us would encounter the same or very similar situations in life. However, some people would experience positive emotions, while others experience negative emotions in the same situation. The main reason for the difference experience is based on how you respond to the situation. If you react to a situation in a positive manner, then you will experience positive emotions. In contrast, if you react to a situation in a negative way, then you would experience negative emotions. So, if you experienced a negative feeling toward something, then it is important to take some time to self-reflect on how and why you responded to the situation. And then try to learn and find ways to respond to the situation in a more positive manner when it happens again in the future.

5. Your happiness: Since happiness comes from within, it is your own core beliefs and values that determine your happiness level. When you hold the right values and beliefs of happiness, they will guide you to take the right actions to increase your happiness. However, if you hold the wrong values and beliefs about happiness, they will guide you to take actions that do not support happiness. When you have the wrong beliefs and values about happiness, no matter how much action you take, it will not increase your happiness. Since your beliefs and values are within you that no one can see and understand as clearly as you, it is up to you to take responsibility to create the right values and beliefs about happiness to guide you to take the right actions. The more action you take that aligned with your happiness’s values and beliefs, the happier you would become.


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