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4 ways to manage your emotions successfully

You develop your emotions

It is important to understand that you develop your emotions and no one else. Emotions are from within you, and anything that comes from within you is your responsibility to manage them, not others. For example, different people can develop different emotions in the same situation. Some people will develop positive emotions, while others will develop negative ones.

Therefore, it is not the situation that develops your emotions, but it is you. It depends on how you connect and respond to the situation, which will determine the emotion you develop. For example, if you had a positive experience in the past, most likely, you will develop a positive emotion from the same situation in the future. Or, if you had a negative experience in the past, most likely, you will experience a negative emotion for the same situation in the future. Another example would be when you have a positive or negative mindset. When you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to experience a positive outcome, no matter the situation. In contrast, if you have a negative mindset, most likely, you will have a negative experience, which leads to you developing a negative emotion.

When you can see and understand that you manifest your emotions, you will have more personal power to manage them successfully and not let them take control of you. However, when you blame or complain about the outside for your emotions, your power will decrease, making it more difficult to manage your emotions successfully. Remember, your emotions are your creation, your responsibility.

Understand it

To manage your emotions successfully is to understand them. For example, when you experience sadness, try to understand why you are sad, who is making you sad, and what is making you sad. When you have a better understanding of the triggers that make you sad, you can find ways to manage them so they will not promote your sadness in the future.

A way to help you understand your emotions better is to write them down.

It will help you understand your emotions better than when they are inside your head. The clearer you see the causes behind your emotions, the better you can manage your emotions successfully. For example, you will feel less angry when seeing and understand your emotion better. Even though you might not completely agree with the other person's reasoning, you will still feel better. The more you understand, the better you will feel, no matter how terrible the situation or strong your emotion might be. It does not matter what kind of emotion you want to manage; writing it down will increase your understanding to help you manage it more successfully.

Take it as a personal growth tool

Your emotions can increase self-understanding. For example, if someone gives you a positive experience that promotes a positive emotion within you, then you want to see what that person said or did. And then, in the future, you want to see how you can do the same thing to help you experience the same positive emotion again.

When you develop a negative emotion from certain things or people, you also want to ask yourself what is causing you to develop those negative emotions. For example, did you lack certain knowledge or skill that caused you to fail that might promote a negative emotion within you? And then, you want to see what kind of knowledge and skill you can learn and apply, so you can have a better experience in the future to experience a positive emotion instead. When you can learn and grow from your negative emotions, then that is personal growth. One of the greatest strengths you can have is not allowing your negative experiences or emotions to control you so you can move forward in life.

Your emotions can also help you see who and what is important to you. For example, when you develop a strong emotion toward something or someone, it means that thing or person has a big effect on you. You will not develop a strong emotion toward something if you do not care or is important to you. For example, the more you care for someone, the stronger your emotion is toward them. Or, if you experience a tremendous amount of happiness for something, it means that thing fits with who you are well. Therefore, your strong emotions allow you to reflect on yourself to increase your self-understanding.

Emotions never go away, only manage

Understand that your emotions will never go away. The only thing you can do is learn how to manage your emotions successfully. Every time you experience something, you develop a negative or positive emotion. Sometimes you will experience weak emotions that you can manage easily. While other times, you will experience strong emotions that can be more difficult to manage.

However, you can become stronger than your emotions. You can prepare to manage any emotion successfully through learning and growing daily. Furthermore, overcoming strong emotions can sometimes take strength and courage. Therefore, the more you learn and overcome your emotions, the stronger you become and the better you can manage your emotions successfully in the future.


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