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7 Tips to Become Successful in College

Getting a college degree is essential. However, what you learned and absorbed during college is more important than reaching your end destination to get your diploma. Make sure you get the best experience out of college, and not torture yourself through it. Your college years should be a positive and enjoyable journey. 1. The right education: To enjoy learning and to become successful, you must discover what you are passionate about. Today, you can become successful in any field of study. You just need to find the right education for you. There is no limit on what you can do to become successful, compared to the early days when knowledge and information were limited. The right education can not only help you to enjoy learning but also to become successful quickly. When you are passionate about what you are learning, you tend to become more creative and innovative, which is vital in the 21st century.

2. Keep your life in balance: As a human being, it does not matter what you decide to do; you must always take care of and keep your health, stress, career, and family in balance. You have to make sure those life areas are balanced to prevent stress from developing and escalating. When you neglect any of those areas, your stress level becomes higher. A stressful life is an unproductive life in which you cannot stay focused nor enjoy your learning. When you are stressed out, it does not matter how much time you have put in to learn and study; you will receive little benefit from it.

3. Take a break every hour of studying: When studying, make sure to take breaks and not force your brain to study too much; otherwise, it will slow or shut down. The mind can learn and absorb only so much at one time. When the brain is drained of energy, it does not matter how hard you force it to work; it won’t end successfully. If you want to integrate your information quickly and successfully, you must take breaks between study sessions. After every hour, you should take a 5-minute break to exit from your studying area. The brain needs a break from viewing the same thing over and over again.

4. Do not take too many classes at once: When you take too many courses at once, you will become overwhelmed and stressed out, thus crippling your absorption of information. As a result, what you learn becomes useless, which means college becomes futile. Today, success is not how many degrees you have, but how much knowledge and skill you have gained. If you do not understand what you are learning, then you have missed the whole purpose of going to college. Today, companies and employers are looking for individuals who have the knowledge and the creativity to apply their learning. However, if you are rushing through college without absorbing much knowledge, it will be difficult for you to be creative and innovative.

5. It is a personal development process: College should be a journey of personal development to help you understand more about yourself. When you take a class, you will learn about your likes, dislikes, strengths, and talents to help you make better educational and career decisions. It is crucial for you to not to take too many classes at once so you can understand your strengths, talents, likes, and dislikes better. When you take too many classes together, your brain becomes too focused on the courses, while neglecting the development of your strengths, talents, and passion.

6. It is okay to change your major: At the moment you realize that you have chosen the wrong or improper degree or major, you need to try to pursue a different one. The longer you continue down a path of education that does not fit your strengths and talents, the harder it will be for you to get out later on. Soon, you will reach a point at which you will not have the motivation or excitement to attend college anymore. Your education should give you motivation and enthusiasm in life, not exhaustion. Remember, the purpose of going to college is to gain the right knowledge to help you become successful, not to obtain a degree with the knowledge that does not help you with your career that you are passionate about.

7. Your college degree is not your career: Your degree is just one tool to help you become successful. There are many things, besides your degree, that determine the success of your career. Yes, before the 21st Century, graduating and getting your diploma was more important because you did not have today’s unlimited knowledge and advance technology. To assist your success, your degree played a significant role in landing you a good job or career. Today, however, your degree is just an additional tool that does not dictate how successful you will become in your career. You do not need to wait until you obtain your degree to start developing your career. You can start your career as you are attending college. By starting your career while you are in college, you have more opportunities to see which course or degree best fits the career that you want to develop and have.


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