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7 Tips to Become Productive

You have many goals and dreams to achieve, and your time is limited, so learn how to work smart, not hard. 1. Preparation is the key: Everything that you do, make sure you prepare and have a plan for it. When you do not have a plan and have to think as you go, it would take you more time because your brain has to use mental energy to think and less energy in taking action, which would result in unproductivity. 2. Be committed to your decisions: Whatever your plan or choice is, make sure you are 100% committed to it. The more dedicated you are, the faster the brain will unleash the knowledge and skill to help you become productive.

3. Write down your thoughts: Throughout the day, write down your thoughts as they manifest so you can stay focus on your current task at hand. When you have too many thoughts inside your head, your brain will use mental energy to make sure you do not forget them, which means you would have less mental energy to focus on your current task.

4. Take breaks: Every two hours of working, make sure to take at least a 10-15 minutes break to recharge your body and mind. After two hours of working, your body and mind are out of energy, which means you need to stop and rest.

5. 20/80 Rule: According to the success formula, you only need to do the top 20% of your daily task list to become successful. Life is the same, whatever you have to do in life, focus on the top 20% of your priorities as much as possible and make sure they turn out well.

6. Control your negative emotions: A quick way to control your negative emotions instantly is to stop and focus back to your breathing. Taking a few deep breaths will calm you down instantly when a negative emotion manifests.

7. Body and mind connection: Your body and mind are connected. How well you take care of your body, is how well you will take care of your mind. Your body and mind require the same nutrients and amount of water to become productive.


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