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7 Steps to Turn Your Dream into Reality

Step 1: Visualize what you want: Before your brain can come up with solutions and ways to achieve your dream, you must allow your brain to see it by visualizing it in your head. Take some time to visualize the destination of your dream, what it looks like, and how would you feel once you get there. And then, take that visualization and put it on a vision board or on a piece a paper to help your brain turn your dream into a reality.

Step 2: Research on how to achieve your dream: Whatever that you want to achieve, there are thousands and millions of people who have already achieved on what you want, and they have left clues everywhere such as on the internet, books, videos, workshops, and other places to help you achieve the same thing. All you need to do is research and discover what and how they did it and then do exactly what they did. Before you know it, you will become as successful as them.

Step 3: Create a plan on how to achieve it: From the research, you did in step 2, create a detailed plan on what you would need to do to turn your dream into reality. Write down the step-by-step of your plan. You do not want to confuse your brain.

Step 4: Create action steps: Create specific and realistic action steps for each thing you would need to do to turn your dream into a reality in step 3. Make sure you set a specific day and time for each action step. Even though your action step might change in the future, having the day and time written down will help your brain to find solutions quicker compared to when you do not have a day and time written down.

Step 5: Take the first action step: The moment your plan and action steps are created; you must take the first step. The first step will give you momentum and guide you on where you need to learn and grow to keep on moving forward.

Step 6: Do not give up: You must understand that whatever plan and action steps you have developed, there is no perfect plan. This means there will always be adjustments that is needed to be made to your plan along the way. You will make mistakes, which means adjustment will be needed. When you learn new things or meet new people, they can give you new ideas that might be a better fit for your plan, which means you would need to adjust your plan. Remember, the adjustment does not mean you will not become successful. Turning your dream into a reality is about learning, fixing, adapting, and growing until you become successful.

Step 7: Surround yourself with people who can and will support you: To turn your dream into a reality, you need a support system because you will face challenges and failure. The right support system will give you that extra push when you need it. We are human beings; we are not perfect. There will be times when we need support and motivation from others. In addition, people who support you will give you ideas to help find solutions to overcome your failure and challenges. They can increase your hope and faith that your dream is possible to keep it alive, which is very important.


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