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6 Tips to Daily Productivity

Productivity requires 100% focus. It can be quite challenging to give our tasks 100% focus when we have so many things that we have to manage. First, we have to make sure our brain is ready to be productive. Second, we have to make sure we do not allow distractions to take our focus away. Discover six tips for daily productivity. 1. Create a list: Create a list of things you need to get done by the end of the day. And then stick to the list. Most importantly, make sure you get your top three priorities done on your list. Those things matter the most.

2. Develop strong purposes: Have clear purposes for your tasks or activities. Strong purposes create the importance and urgency to stay focus to get your tasks done. Make sure your activities’ purposes help you get closer to develop and live the life you desire.

3. No distraction: Make sure you minimize small daily distractions such as your cell phone, email, texting, and or other people. You can set a specific time aside on when you can do those things, but do not engage with them regularly throughout the day. Success requires 100% focus. When your brain is distracted by other things, then your mind has to shift attention from one thing to another that will cause you to lose focus on your essential tasks.

4. Short breaks: Take at least a five minutes break every hour of work. Your brain needs a break from seeing the same thing over and over again. The brain also needs a break to recharge your mental energy. Otherwise, it can be

quite tricky for you to stay focused on becoming successful. Every hour, stand up and get away from your working area to allow your brain to rest and recharge. 5. Hydration: Your brain uses water to think successfully. When you think for a long time to do your activities, your mind becomes dehydrated. Whenever you take your five minutes’ break, remember to drink a cup of water. 6. A healthy diet: Similar to water, the brain uses healthy blood cells to think well. Healthy blood cells are mainly developed by healthy nutrition. Make sure you eat a healthy diet daily.


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