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6 Keys to Life Success

1. The right mindset: To become successful in life, you must know what life is. Do you know what are the purpose of being a human being and alive? If you say that you want to experience more happiness, then you want to ask yourself, do you know what happiness is? Whatever you want to achieve in life, especially the things that matter in life such as happiness, joy, fulfillment, meaning, and purpose, you want to make sure you have the right knowledge, skills, and mindset on how to experience those feelings successfully. Otherwise, no matter how much you apply the wrong knowledge and skills, you will not experience those positive emotions. The greatest thing about the 21st century is that no matter what you want to experience or achieve, there are thousands and millions of people who have already experienced and achieved what you want and have left clues everywhere to help achieve the same thing. For example, you can get access to their information through researching on Google, reading books, watching videos, listening to audios, and attending workshops and seminars. It just depends on your effort level in researching, learning, and applying the knowledge and skills or not to become successful.

2. Passion: If you can experience one thing in life, it is to discover and use your passion to help yourself and others. Applying your passion will give you joy, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Your passion also guides you to make great decisions because your passion is something that also aligned with your heart and soul. You can never go wrong when you are trusting your heart to make decisions. Passion also helps you to become successful in every area of your life. To succeed in anything, it requires motivation, persistence, consistency, commitment, and determination. Nothing will give you these qualities more than your passion. Passion will also motivates and pushes you forward when you face challenges. Your passion is your driving force to move forward, and life is about moving forward.

3. Personal growth: Personal growth is important because you are a human being, a living thing. As a human being, you are either dying or growing, you do not stay the same. For example, a tree is a living, it either grows or dies. If you do not water the tree today, its lifespan will decrease down to 99%. If you do not water the tree for two days in a row, its lifespan will decrease down to 98%. 98% is still great but the tree is still dying slowly. If you stop watering the tree, then it will die. It is the same with you as a human being. If you do not keep on learning and growing yourself daily, you will also die slowly from within. Personal growth is also important because it helps you to overcome challenges successfully. You will face many challenges in life, big and small, and you want to have the ability to overcome these challenges successfully. You cannot escape from challenges. The more you avoid these challenges, the more suffering you will experience. Therefore, to overcome any challenges successfully, you must have the knowledge and skills ready to tackle it when it manifest. You do not want to wait until you encounter a challenge and then start learning the knowledge and skills because it could be too late. The last reason why personal growth is important is because it helps you prepare for opportunities. Opportunities are presented to you daily. However, if you do not have the knowledge and skills for the opportunities, you will not see or grab on to them successfully. Even if you grab onto those opportunities without the knowledge and skills, you will not fulfill the opportunities successfully. Personal growth is about learning and applying new knowledge and skills to become a better and stronger person daily.

4. Moving forward: Time does not stop moving forward so should you. Every time you face a challenge, you must ask yourself what I need to do to overcome the challenge successfully so I can move forward. It can be difficult to move forward successfully when you have an unsolved problem. Unsolved problems are weights that you are carrying that can slow you down from moving forward. No matter how many times you have failed in solving your problems, do not give up. The great thing about life is that there are unlimited solutions to help you solve your problems. Even if you have failed 10 or even 20 times, there will always be other solutions out there to help you solve your problems. It just depends on your creativity level. The more creative you become, the faster you can come up with the next solution to help you solve your problem. Second, you have to keep on moving forward to better yourself and life. This means, make sure you are learning and growing to improve your life areas such as your career, relationships, health, and yourself. Remember, nothing stays the same, it either grows or dies. In this case, do not let your career, relationships, health, and yourself die slowly.

5. Ability to let go: You must have the ability to let go of unnecessary things and people when they are not supporting your lifestyle anymore. For better things and people to enter to improve your life, you must make room for them. However, if your life is occupied with negative things and people, then there is no room for better things to enter. Do not have the mindset in believing that you will wait for better things to enter first before you let go of the negative things and people in your life. You must be willing to let go first, and then better things will enter. For example, no matter how many years you are in a boring career, you must let it go first before new opportunities can enter. Letting go does not mean you have to give up something instantly, but you are willing to create a new plan to help you get closer to what you want. If your career does not bring you happiness and fulfillment, you must make a firm decision that you are willing to change career, and then create a plan to help you get out of that job or career to something better. You also must understand that when you let go of a career, it does not mean that your knowledge and skills will be wasted. The knowledge and skills you have learned can be applied in other life areas as well. However, the way you apply these attributes will be slightly different, but your knowledge and skills are never wasted. When you are making a firm decision to let go, new opportunities will be presented to you. If you are learning, growing, and improving yourself daily, better opportunities will always be available to you.

6. Your attitude: Your life success depends on your attitude. We tend to attract who we have become. For example, in a romantic relationship, we tend to attract individuals who have similar interests and desires as us. It is the same with your lifestyle. You will attract things and people who are in the same mindset as you. If you have a positive attitude, most likely you will attract more positive people into your life. However, if you have a negative attitude, you will most likely attract more negative people into your life. Therefore, if your life is negative now, reflect to what negative things you have been doing. Sometimes we develop negative habits that we are not aware of because we have been doing them for so long that those habits have become normalized into our life. Or, reflect on the people that are in your life. See which people are negative and see how you can distance away from them as much as possible. The more you decrease your negative habits and distance away from negative people, the more positive you will become, the more you will attract positive things and people, and that will lead to a positive lifestyle.


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