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5 Tools to Develop a Creative Mindset

Today, it is not the lack of knowledge that prevents many of us from coming up with successful solutions to our life problems, but it is the lack of creativity. Each of us live a different lifestyle; this means we have to learn how to use the same knowledge in a creative way that fits our own lifestyle and to solve our daily life problems. 1. Everyone can be creative: We are born as creative individuals. Creativity simply means doing things in a different way that no one has done it before. If ever solved a problem differently, then that is creativity. As a matter of fact, everyone uses their creative skill daily to solve their daily life problems. Creativity can be in many forms, such as product, service, process, idea, etc. Believe in yourself, you are a creative person.

2. Trial and error: Creativity is about always learning new knowledge and applying it in the real world. When you learn and try something new, you increase your creativity, even though you might not get the result you were hoping for. The act of learning and applying will increase your creativity.

3. More than one solution: There will always be more than one solution to any problem. Believing that there are multiple solutions to a problem allows your brain to apply the same knowledge in different ways when you fail. However, if you think that there is only one solution to a problem after you fail, then you are less likely to want to learn to apply in new ways. Also, the world is continuously changing, which means you always have to find new ways to use your knowledge and skill.

4. Increase your self-esteem: High self-esteem gives you the ability that you can come up with creative solutions. Creative solutions come from within you, so you have to believe in yourself to unleash them. The higher your self-esteem, the faster and easier it is for you to be creative.

5. Flexibility: You have to be willing to change and adapt to everything in life. When you are not ready to be flexible and believe that things have to be a certain way, then your brain is not as opened to learn and apply new knowledge and skill differently.


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