5 Steps to Solve any Problem

Everyone faces their own challenges in life. The source of stress often is in how we approach the problems which arise. To prevent any problem from impeding your progress, and which cause you to stress out, apply the five steps below: 1. Take at least three deep breaths, in and out, slowly. This will enhance a calmness, which will promote clear thinking, ultimately leading to a successful solution to your problem.

2. Write down all the creative ideas you have to meet your problem, no matter how silly or awkward they may seem.

3. Arrange your options from best to worse.

4. Take action right away with the best option to solve your problem.

5. If the first option does not work, go on to the next option until your problem is solved. Keep a positive attitude, every problem has a solution.

Five benefits to following this approach. 1. You will be able to solve your problem quicker than if you panic and fail to act.

2. Stress reduction occurs when you take control of the situation.

3. Your focus becomes problem-solving, rather than stressful, which usually is counterproductive.

4. The development of problem-solving skills occurs, which helps with future problems.

5. Your confidence is boosted by your successful problem solving, leading to more self-confidence, which then extends to future problems resulting in resilience and promoting a cycle of self-sufficiency.


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