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9 Different Types of Goals You Should Set

1. Career goals You spend 80% of your life working, and that is a lot of your time. If you are in a job or career that is not bringing you happiness, which means you are suffering 80% of your life, and that is a lot of suffering. You do not want to wake up every day going into work and not enjoy what you are doing. If you are in a job that is not fulfilling, then you want to set goals that help you get there. If you are already in a career that you are passionate about, then you also want to set goals to grow and achieve more. A successful career is a growing career. No matter how successful or great your career might be, there will always be things that you can do to learn to grow your career. When your career is growing, you are growing, that gives you a sense of fulfillment because life is about growing. You can a set goal to get a promotion within your company. You can set goals to learn new knowledge and skill to become more effective and productive in your job. If you have your own business, you can set goals to help more people or achieve more, or any goal that gives you joy, happiness, meaning, and purpose for your career.

2. Relationship goals In life, you cannot escape from building relationships. There are many forms of relationships that you have to manage daily, such as with your spouse, parents, friends, co-workers, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbors, and even with yourself. For any relationship to become successful, you must learn to develop and maintain that relationship. If you are not learning new ways to keep the relationship strong, it will die. You can set a goal to improve your communication skills to communicate more successfully with others. Or whatever you feel that you need to improve to build better relationships with others, you can set those goals. Set goals to improve the relationship with yourself. For example, you can set goals to learn how to care and love yourself more, set goals to talk more positively to yourself, set goals to trust yourself, etc. ​

3. Health goals If you do not have good health, it can be quite difficult for you to achieve anything successfully when you lack energy and strength, especially when you have big goals that require a lot of energy and strength to become successful. There are many different types of health; physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. For physical health, you can set goals to exercise more such as trying out a new exercise routine, sign up for different events that you have never done before. You can set goals to eat healthier such as decreasing your sugar or fat intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, or drinking more water. You can set goals to read more books or listening to audios to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem to improve your mental health. Set goals to watch videos to learn how to reduce your stress. Set goals to attend workshops or events to improve all types of health.

4. Personal goals

Personal goals are goals that you want to do and achieve in life, like traveling the world. You write down all the countries you want to travel to, and then check them off as you visited them. Are there certain skills that you want to learn such as a new language, or sewing, or cooking? Do you want to go skydiving or running in a marathon? Whatever you want to do, write them all down, it is like your bucket list. As you achieve one personal goal, you can add another one. As long as you are still alive, you should be setting and having personal goals to achieve.

5. Positive quality goals

Set goals that help you to become a better person. Ask yourself, what kind of person do you want to become? Do you want to become a compassionate person, a successful person, a positive person, an outgoing person? Write down all the positive qualities that you want to develop and have for yourself, and then set goals to help you achieve them. The more positive and better you become, the better chance you can achieve anything in life.

6. Inspiring goals

Having inspiring goals will motivate, inspire, and empower to wake up every morning to be your best self. Make a difference in the society and world, and to live out your ideal life. You want to have goals that push you out of bed.

Set inspiring goals to do something to improve your neighborhood, community, society and world. Ask yourself; what is your community, the society, and the world missing that you can set an inspiring goal to do daily?

Inspiring goals are empowerment. They empower you to become better to contribute to your life and society. Your inspiring goals empower you; but when you take the actions to improve yourself, community, society, and the world, your action steps and lifestyle will empower others. And that is true empowerment.

7. Learning goals

Learning goals are goals that require you to learn new knowledge and skill. Learning goals can be incorporated into any type of goal. For example, you can set learning goals to improve your career, health, relationship, positive qualities, or inspiring goals.

Setting learning goals are very important because they will help you grow as an individual tremendously. Most importantly, you will start to realize and believe that you can learn to achieve anything you want in the world when you set learning goals. Learning goals will help you to believe in yourself that you can achieve your dreams. Learning to achieve your dreams is just like learning any other skill. Yes, it might take you some time to achieve your dreams, but the key to life success and happiness is to have the belief that you can become successful. Setting daily learning goals will help you build that sense of self-belief within you.

You can also set habit learning goals, such as; learning how to exercise, eat healthy, and drink enough water daily, or build the habit of reading a book weekly or monthly. There are so many habits learning goals that you can set.

8. Short-term goals

Short-term goals are within 6 months. Setting short-term goals are important because they increase your confidence and motivation to achieve medium and long-term goals. Make sure to set short-term goals for all types of goals.

9. Medium and long-term goals

Medium term goals are within 1-2 years. Long-term goals are over 2 years. Achieving medium and long-term goals help you to stretch and grow as a person because they tend to require more time, effort, and learning. The more you learn and grow, the better and stronger you will become. Make sure to set medium and long-term goals for all types of goals. ​​


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