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8 Tips to Dress with Confidence

Looking good is about feeling good. Take time to find the perfect fit that will boost your self-esteem and self-love.

1. Find your style: Each person has a different body shape and size, which means each person will have a different style. Find your style and it will be easy for you to find and purchase clothes that look attractive on you. 2. Dress for your age: The trick to look young and attractive is to dress for your age. When you dress too young or old, you will look older than what you are.

3. Keep your body in balance: Keep your body in balance and proportion to help you look attractive. A balanced body will enhance your positive traits and hide your negative traits. 4. Neutral colors: Make sure to pair your clothes with a neutral color to balance out your outfit. Neutral colors include: black, gray, navy blue, white, or other solid settle colors.

5. Purchase clothes for the present: Make sure you purchase clothes for the present moment. Do not purchase clothes for the future and believe that you will look attractive in the clothes when you lose or gain weight. When you lose or gain weight, your body changes, which means your body shape and size would change that requires a different style of clothing for you to look attractive.

6. Must be fitted: Your clothes must fit you, not too tight or loose. Your body would look out of proportion or bigger when you wear clothes that do not fit you properly.

7. Try them on: You have to try on your clothes to know what will look attractive to you before you purchase them. Something might look attractive on the hanger that might look unattractive on you. Or something might look unattractive on the hanger that will look attractive on you.

8. Have fun: Always remember to have fun because your style of clothing represent who you are as a person. So have fun and choose wisely. ​


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