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4 Tips to Help You Pick the Right College Education

Picking the right education will set the tone for all of your life successes.

1. Pick an education that you are passionate about. Your passion is something you will use to develop into a successful career. You will spend 80% of your life working and that is a lot of your time. You do not want to spend 80% of your life suffering. When you are passionate in what you are doing, you want to wake up every morning with motivation and excitement to go into work, and that is a very exciting thing to do daily. In addition, companies and employers are looking for passionate individuals to help their company grow. Society and the world are rapidly changing because of the internet and the advanced technology that we have today. To keep up with the rapid changes, companies need individuals who can continually add value by learning new knowledge and skills. However, you would be less motivated to continue to learn new knowledge and skills if you hate what you are doing. As a result, you would have a higher chance of getting laid off or fired if you are not continually adding value to the company. The more you are passionate in what you are learning and doing, the more motivated you are to become a lifelong leaner, the higher chance you would be more successful in the workforce. Before you decide on a college education, take some time to learn to discover your passion. Once you discover your passion, you won’t regret it. It will be one of the best things you can ever do for your life.

2. Life meaning and purpose: Pick an education that helps you to create life meaning and purpose. Life meaning and purpose is about using your passion to help yourself, others, community, society, and the world. As human beings, there is no greater feeling than using your passion to make a positive impact in society and the world. You want to pick an education that teaches you methods to not only strengthen your passion, but also teach you how to apply your passion successfully. One way to help you see how you can help others is to pay attention to the social issues that you want to tackle. Try to spot out a problem that the world is facing that you want to solve without a solution yet. And then see which types of educations help you to learn the knowledge and skill to solve the problem. The more you are solving a problem that no one or a few people are tackling, the more meaning and purpose you would develop, because you are doing something unique that no one or a few people are doing.

​​3. A topic that can improve your life: Pick an education that can improve your life. Your education should also improve your life in one way or another, and not just for the workforce. You want to take advantage of your education as much as possible. The more benefits you can receive from your education the more motivation you would have to continue learning and growing. You want to ask yourself, how is your education helping you become a better and stronger person daily? If you cannot apply your education to improve your life, then you want to reconsider your education. Also, a part of creating life meaning and purpose is about improving yourself, because you are a part of your community, society, and the world. You do not want to leave yourself out by helping others and not you. In addition, when you are putting too much effort into helping others and not yourself, then you are more likely to experience burnout because you are not caring for yourself. Burnout will not help you to learn and help others successfully.

4. Pick an education that helps answer your curiosity. What is it about life that you want to learn more of? Are you curious of something about life that you want to find an answer for? Are you lacking understanding something about life that you want to learn more of? When you learn something to discover an answer to improve yourself and the world, you would have the motivation to keep on learning because you are on a mission to change the world. When you develop and have that mindset, you will feel motivated, inspired, and empowered daily to want to learn. Your education will empower you to be better and that is the greatest thing an education can give you. Empowerment is when you have an education that helps you create a new pathway to help yourself, others, and society. Empowerment is also about doing your own things that others have not done yet to make a positive impact in life.


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