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7 Ways to Discover Your Passion

Your passion is a representation of who you are and what is your life's purpose. Make your life count and powerful by living your life through your passion. Your passion will unlock many great opportunities for you.

1. Pay attention to your life: In your life, there is an area that you do really well in that you might overlook that could be your passion. That area of your life wouldn't be great if you didn't enjoy making it successful. Passion starts with your enjoyment.

2. Pay attention to your hobbies: Give your hobby a chance. If your enjoyment and dedication increase as time goes by, then it could be your passion. However, if you start to lose interest in your hobby, then it is not your passion. Passion is something that gets stronger daily.

3. People that inspire you: Pay attention to people who inspire you to become a better person and inspire you to do similar things as them. It could be people that you know in your life, people you read in books, or people you listen to on radio or CDs, or people you see on videos.

4. Things or situations that get you frustrated: Pay attention to situations that make you frustrated, and what ways to find ways to improve the circumstances because you care.

5. Conversations that you are passionate about: Pay attention to discussions or topics that you are passionate about when you talk to others. When you want to keep on talking about the subject, even though you might be tired or out of energy. Or topics that you tend to get emotional when you talk about them.

6. Experiences that changed your life: Pay attention to your life experience. What did you go through that has changed your life for the better? What kind of suffering did you went through to became a stronger and happier person at the end?

7. All the money in the world: If you have all the money in the world, what would you want to do to serve others for free because you enjoy doing it? You won't be doing something for free unless you are passionate about it.


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