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6 Tips to Become Socially Competent

A social connection is one of the human needs to help you become successful in life. It does not matter where you go or what you are doing; most likely, you would have to interact and build relationships with others. You must start the process correctly because the first impression matters. Discover six tips to become social competence.

1. Become a valuable person: Become so valuable that others would want to be around, and learn from you. Learn to master a skill that everyone sees valuable that they can learn from. When you have something useful to share, your confidence level increases to help you to express yourself more successfully in a social environment. Also, focus on becoming a better person daily. Work on improving your communication skills, health, relationship, and every other life area. The better you become, the more confident you would become to express yourself better and to connect with others.

2. Share your strengths and weaknesses: Sharing your strengths to others allow them to ask you for help with things that are related to your strengths, which can build the relationship. When you share your weaknesses, others can return a favor by supporting you because they might have the strengths that you need to improve your weaknesses, which can also increase your relationship building. Sharing your weaknesses to others does not mean you are not a valuable person. It shows that you are willing to learn and improve, and that is true strength and courage. Also, when others see and understand both sides, your strengths and weaknesses, they can better understand you, which is important in relationship building.

3. See yourself as equal to others: As human beings, we are all equal, which means you have the same ability to be as great as anyone else. Even though others might have more knowledge than you on a specific subject or have a higher ranking in society, it does not mean you are below them. It just means that they have worked hard to build up their expertise and ranking in society. And you can do the same thing as others by mastering a specific skill. When you see yourself as equal and in the same playing field as others, you are more open up to learn from them and also allow them to learn from you.

4. Become a positive person: If you want to attract and build relationships with positive people, you must become a positive person first. Do not expect positive people to come to you when you are negative. For example, would you want to be around negative people? No, of course not, right? Because you know that being around negative people will have a negative influence on you. In this case, why would positive people want to be around you when you are a negative person? As a matter of fact, Positive people would do whatever it takes to stay away from you when you are a negative person because they do not want your negative energy to be transmitted to them. So, if you want positive people to enter into your life, you must work on yourself to become a positive person first. The faster you work on becoming a more positive person, the quicker positive people will enter your life. Also, it will be easier to build a relationship with positive people than with negative people.

5. Become a friendly person: You have to be comfortable and willing to open up to every person you meet and help others when necessary. You want to let others know that you want to connect and build a relationship with them because people are not mind readers. Every time you see a person, you want to nod or smile at them when you passed them. By doing that, you are acknowledging and willing to be opened to start a conversation to begin the relationship building. If people accept or reject your invitation when you nod or smile at them, it is up to them. But it is your responsibility to let others know that you are open to a connection.

6. Dress with confidence: When you dress your best, you will feel more confident about your body, which means you will feel more confident about yourself. Sometimes we might be afraid to be in a social environment because we are afraid that others might judge us negatively, and this includes the way we dress. So when you dress with confidence, it decreases other people's negative perceptions about you but also builds your self-confidence.


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