One-On-One Coaching

Action/result coaching to help you develop the right mindset, realistic goals, and achievable action steps to achieve your goals and dreams.

Our 5 coaching steps:

1. Developing the right mindset

2. Discovering the root causes 

3. Creating realistic goals

4. Developing achievable action steps

5. Gaining motivation tools

Coaching methods:

  • In-person or virtual meetings

  • Emailing or texting coaching

Coaching programs:​ 

  • You can purchase coaching sessions that can be used any time

  • Weekly coaching for 3, 6, or 12 months

  • Monthly coaching session

Each coaching session is 45 minutes long. 

Please click here to fill out a coaching application if you would like to be coached. Your tuition is based on the methods and how often you would like to be coached. A personalized quote will be sent to you after you submit your application.