Office Assistant

  • Preparing workshops and classes
  • Emailing and contacting clients
  • Advertising/Public Relation
  • Learn how to evaluate health information
  • Other related duties

Outreach Assistant (Community Events/Workshops/Classes)

  • Attending outreach/community events
  • Attending and assisting workshops and classes
  • Learn how to evaluate health information
  • Other related duties

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Marketing Experts
  • Social Media Experts (individuals who have knowledge of specific topics such as health, stress management, career, self-esteem to post in our Facebook groups to keep the participants engage in learning)
  • Grant Researchers and Writers
  • Editors (edit documents, articles, etc.)
  • Outreach and Community Experts
  • Website Designers and Developers
  • Committee Members
  • Or if you have any other expertise that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you

If you would like to volunteer with Wake-Up Foundation, please click here to fill out a volunteer application. Once we have received your information, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Donate Today

Where does your donation go to?

All donations will support high-risk youths from ages 16-24 to attend our programs and services

Google One Today

Through Google One Today, your $1 can make a huge difference in a youth's life. Click here to take you directly to our fundraising page on Google One Today. By donating, you help decrease the college dropout rate in California. 

Textbooks Donation

If you have unused textbooks and want to put them to good use, Wake-Up Foundation is collecting and fundraising textbooks. We collect all different kinds of textbooks. You can drop them off at our location.

Other Donation Opportunities

  • Building space in Sacramento, CA areas
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Tables and chairs
  • Office supplies
  • Gift cards