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Benefits of Being a Sponsor

- An update on the youth or young adult you are sponsoring

- Acknowledgment on our website, newsletter, social media sites, and others

- A free gift of your choice (t-shirt, mug, baseball cap, etc.)

- Experience more meaning, purpose, joy, and happiness

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The Walmart Foundation: Its mission is to create opportunities so people can live better. They strive to systematically address some of the biggest economic, environmental, and social challenges faced in the world today by creating economic opportunity, enhancing sustainability in supply chains, and strengthening communities.

​The Smart & Final Charitable Foundation:Its mission is to improve the quality of life and nourishing communities through health and wellness, education, hunger relief, team sport, and youth development. ​

​The Ross Store Foundation: Its mission is to support programs that unlock the full potential of the next generation by partnering with organizations to build academic achievement and life skills.

The Sacramento Consolidation Charities:Its mission is to provide financial support through the operation of a bingo facility and other activities for 501(c)(3) exempt and other qualified non-profit organizations and their successors around the Sacramento area, as well as some national organizations.

​The Sacramento Association of REALTORS (SAR) Charitable Foundation: Its mission is to coordinate the activities of Sacramento's real estate professionals in addressing critical housing needs, assisting non–profit organizations to meet other basic needs, and supporting sustainable communities.

Our Sponsors

Without our sponsors, we would not be possible. 

We also want to thank you for our individual's sponsors.