The importance of self-esteem

The program learning components: 

1. Increase your self-worth by discovering and realizing your great potential

2. Increase your self-motivation to create and live your ideal life that you can be proud of

3. Increase your self-efficacy to make a positive impact on yours and others lives, community, society, and the world

Self-Esteem Building Program

The program activities: 

1. Workshops:  Learn the right knowledge to successfully increase your self-esteem.

2. One-on-One Action/Result Coaching: Creating a successful plan to achieve high self-esteem

  • Meet weekly for 45 minutes with your coach 

3. Action/Result Support Group: Learn to create achievable action steps to reach your maximum self-esteem

  • We hold weekly meetings. Click here to take directly to our meetup group for exact dates and times and for more information. 

4. Learning Products:Click here to see the samples of the products. You will immediately get access to the e-versions of the book and learning flashcards once you registered for the program.

  • Self-Esteem Building Book: 34 tips to help you to achieve high self-esteem
  • Flashcards: 50 on the go self-esteem building flashcards

Program Outcomes
- Ability to value and believe in yourself  
- Helps you realize your great strengths and talents  
- Gives you the strength to be yourself  
- Gives you the ability to accomplish things quicker and better  
- Helps you make great decisions  
- Gives you the ability to block out negative influences  
- Gives you the ability to stay strong when others are denying or trying to change you  
- Gives you the strength to say “no” to other people  
- Gives you the ability to spot out the positive and negative people  
- Helps you see that you are a terrific person no matter what happens  
- Helps you discover and build your positive qualities  
- Ability to turn your negative qualities and experiences into opportunities  

If you are a low-income individual between the ages of 16-24, you are qualified for a huge discount on the program. Please contact us to learn more about how to get the discount.

Please make sure to book your first coaching appointment with the link provided after you finish checking out. 

For an installment plan, please contact us. 

Self-esteem is the foundation to believe in yourself that you can achieve anything you set out to do. Today, it is not the lack of knowledge or skill that is preventing you to become successful, it is the lack of self-belief. It does not matter what you want to achieve, there are thousands and millions of people who already achieved what you want and have left clues everywhere for you to achieve the same things. The only thing that stands in your way is your self-belief. 

If you are ready to take your self-belief, self-confidence, and self-motivation to the next level, then this Self-Esteem Program is for you.

Self-Esteem Building Program