"Empower, motivate, and inspire others to believe in themselves."

"To unleash individuals' strengths, talents, and passion."

Are you lost in life?

Do you feel you have done so many things, but have not gotten anywhere in life?

Do you need more focus?

Do you want to accomplish your goals and dreams?

Do you want to develop a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle?

Are you tired of doing things that do not bring you happiness, but do not know how to get out of the situation?

Do you need someone who can give you the extra push to help you accomplish what you want?

Are you ready to create and live a lifestyle that is filled with energy, joy, and purpose?

Then this coaching program is for you!

We have 6 different coaching programs that will fit your needs. 

1. Self-Esteem Building

2. Lifestyle Development

3. Building Good Health

4. Stress Management

5. Career Development

6. Goal Setting

A weekly session for 45 minutes.  

If you would like a free consultation to see if our coaching program is a good fit for you or not, please contact us. Or you can click here to schedule an appointment online. 

You can also sign up for the next informational workshop on December 11, 2018, from 6-7pm to learn more about the coaching programs. Please click here to register for your free spot.  There will be special promotion offers at the workshop.

If you cannot attend the informational workshop, but still want more information on which coaching program is best for you, you can fill out an enrollment form. We will try our best to suggest the best coaching program for you. Click here to fill out the enrollment form.

Life and Happiness Coaching

Our 5 Coaching Steps

1. Developing the right mindset to achieve something (self-esteem, good health, reducing stress, happiness, passion, goal, etc.)

2. Finding the root causes 

3. Discovering solutions 

4. Creating a realistic action plan 

5. Providing motivational tools 

You will be given a coaching binder to help you keep track of your progress throughout your coaching program. There are four sections in the coaching binder: 1) Your master goal list of what you want to achieve from the coaching, 2) Your specific goals and realistic action steps to accomplish your coaching goals, 3) Motivational activities and tools  to help you become successful, 4) A goal victory section to acknowledge and keep track of your achieved coaching goals. 

For an installment plan, please contact us.

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Life and Happiness Coaching