The purpose of this Action/Result Coaching program is to help you turn your desires and dreams into achievable goals, and turn your knowledge, skill, strength, and talent into realistic action steps to help you become successful.

Since each of us is different that requires a different plan, this is a one-on-one coaching program to give you the best opportunity to set a successful plan. You meet weekly with your coach for 45 minutes. Due to Covid-19, the coaching session is only through video conference. 

Our 6 Coaching Steps

1. Developing the right mindset

2. Finding the root causes 

3. Discovering solutions 

4. Creating  an achievable goal

5. Developing a realistic action plan 

6. Providing motivational tools 

You will be given a coaching binder to help you keep track of your progress throughout the program. There are four sections in the coaching binder: 1) Your master goal list of what you want to achieve from the coaching, 2) Your specific goals and realistic action steps to accomplish your  goals, 3) Specific motivational activities and tools  to help you become successful, 4) A victory section to acknowledge and keep track of your accomplishments. 

Skills required to help you become successful with your coaching program:

1. Commitment: You have to be committed to the goals that you set that require setting aside time to achieve them. 

2. Determination: You have to be determined to stick with your goals no matter what roadblock or setback emerges.

3. 100% effort: Your success depends on your effort level. If you put in 50% effort, you will get 50% result. If you put in 100% effort, you will get 100% result. 

4: Persistence: Success does not develop immediately. 

5: Be a good student: You have to be on time for your coaching sessions, achieve the action steps that you have set during the coaching sessions, and ask questions when you need clarification. 

The best part of having the 5 qualities above is that as you start taking action, you will start to experience more joy, happiness, fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in the process. In return, you will gain more confidence to take more action to achieve your goals. 

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Coaching Bonus: You will also be apart of an action/result support group with our other coaching clients. The action/result support group will be held monthly to share and get support from each other. There will be brainstorming sessions to help create and gather ideas and solutions. 

If you are a low-income individual between the ages of 16-24, you might be qualified for a huge discount on the coaching program. Please contact us to learn more on how to get the discount.

Coaching Programs

Action/Result Coaching Programs

Discover and realize your great potential. Increase self-worth, self-motivation, and self-efficacy to develop your ideal life. 

Transform into the best version of yourself and to reach your full potential. 

"It does not matter how much knowledge or skill you might have, without a plan to put them into action, they become useless."

Learn to create realistic goals with achievable action steps to reduce fear, doubt, confusion, and procrastination to achieve your desires and dreams.

Action/Result Coaching

Discover and turn your passion into a successful career and make a positive impact in your life, others' lives, your community, society, and the world. 

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Learn to develop a balanced lifestyle and to manage your life and daily responsibilities successfully to become productive. 

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Learn to develop good health to achieve and maintain energy and strength to become successful. 

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