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Wake-Up Foundation: How to turn your passion into a successful career
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Tips and tools to create your dream career. This group is also a part of an online program called "How to turn your passion into a successful career."...

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How to turn your passion into a successful career 

Learning objectives for the program 

  • Understand the importance of unleashing your passion
  • Understand and aware of the different external influences
  • Discover and develop your passion niche topic, style,  environment, and population that best represent your passion
  • Access to empowerment, motivation, and inspiration tools and techniques to help you believe in yourself
  • Learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Different ways to grow your passion
  • And much more

Learning outcomes for the program 

  • Able to wake up every morning with excitement and motivation to make a difference in your life
  • Develop life meaning and purpose
  • Experience fulfillment
  • Reaching your full potential
  • Make a difference in serving others
  • Experience more happiness in life
  • Not be afraid to take risks and fail
  • Able to see and grab onto opportunities easier
  • And much more

To help you get started here is the first 7 topics of the program: 

  1. The importance of unleashing your passion
  2. Why many people fail to unleash their passion
  3. Passion leads to success
  4. Pay attention to your life detail
  5. Situations that bother you
  6. Discover your passion style
  7. Discover your passion population