How to set successful goals

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Learning objectives for the program 

  • Understand the importance of applying goal setting tools in your life
  • Learn the different types of goals
  • Learn how to set different life goals
  • Learn the step-by-step to set successful goals
  • Learn tools and methods to stay empowered, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals

Learning outcomes for the program 

  • Able to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Experience more joy, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness
  • Able to build positive habits
  • Able to eliminate negative habits
  • Personal growth
  • Understanding and unleashing your strengths, talents, skill, and knowledge
  • Be empowered, motivated and inspired in life
  • Decrease your procrastination
  • Get more things done

To help you get started here is the first 7 topics of the program: 

  1. Why goal setting? 
  2. Set immediate goals 
  3. Set specific goal statements 
  4. Short and long-term goals 
  5. What is your goal purpose? 
  6. Action steps to your goals 
  7. Goals for all life areas 

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