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How to nourish your body

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Wake-Up Foundation: How to nourish your body
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Tips and tools to nourish our body. This group is also a part of an online program called "How to nourish your body." Click the link below to register...

Learning objectives for the program 

Learning outcomes for the program 

  • Have more energy and strength in life
  • Develop more focus and concentration
  • Experience more joy and happiness
  • Experience less stress
  • Have better moods
  • Develop fewer sickness or disease
  • Improve longevity 
  • Save money by having fewer doctor visits
  • Develop fewer pain problems

To help you get started here is the first 7 topics of the program: 

  1. What is physical wellness?
  2. Calories intake
  3. Variety
  4. Water intake
  5. Exercise
  6. Sleep
  7. Be around healthy individuals