Wake-Up Foundation: How to increase your self-esteem
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Supporting you to high self-esteem. This group is also a part of an online program called "How to increase your self-esteem." Click the link below to ...

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How to increase your self-esteem

Weekly Tip Online Program

Learning objectives for the program 

  • Understand how to be empowered and believe in yourself.
  • Learn how to make good decisions.
  • Learn how to care for and love yourself.
  • Learn how to attract positive people.
  • Gain methods and tools to block out external influences to create the best version of yourself and your life.  
  • And much more!

Learning outcomes for the program 

  • Ability to value and believe and be yourself
  • Ability to make good decisions 
  • Ability to stay strong when others are denying or trying to change you 
  • Ability to say "no" to other people. 
  • Ability to spot out the positive and negative people.  
  • Help you see that you are a terrific person 
  • Helps you discover and build your positive qualities  
  • Ability to turn your negative qualities and experiences into opportunities. 

To help you get started here is the first 7 topics of the program: 

  1. What are self-esteem and benefits?
  2. Focus on your positive qualities
  3. Self-esteem is about you
  4. Invest in yourself
  5. Words of commitment
  6. Never underestimate yourself
  7. Take good care of yourself