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Goal setting support group

Do you have trouble accomplish things in life? Do you set goals and end up not doing anything about them? Do you tend to procrastinate and not get anywhere with your life? Do you have dreams that you want to fulfill? Do you want to accomplish things, but do not know where to start? Do you want to help build a positive habit or decrease/eliminate a negative habit?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, then this Goal Setting Support Group is for you. Goal setting is not only about accomplishing your goals and dreams, but also building positive habits that you want to keep in life, such as building a habit to exercise daily, or to drink 8 glasses of water, or to quit smoking, or to read a book the next month, or simply meeting up with friends who you tend to procrastinate to meet up. It does not matter what you want to get done or accomplish, goal setting is the tool.

Come to learn how to develop and set successful goals that will bring you success, fulfillment, and happiness. Learn how to turn your dreams into goals with achievable steps so you do not have to procrastinate any longer to accomplish them in a shorter amount of time. Come to learn how to stay motivated. Come to learn how to develop positive habits you have always been trying to achieve.

The purpose of this goal setting support group is to help you build the habit of taking action. When you develop the habit of taking action, then it does not matter what kinds of goals and dreams you set yourself, you will have the discipline and motivation to take action and become successful. 

We meet weekly.  New member, you must RSVP for your first session by becoming a member of our meetup group, it is FREE. Click here to take you to the group. 

Weekly interaction

  • Learn how to set successful goals
  • Learn how to create your master goal list and vision board
  • Brainstorming sessions to overcome your barriers and roadblocks
  • Support from peers and instructors
  • Motivational tools, tips, challenges and activities
  • And so much more!

Benefits of this goal setting support group:

• Able to achieve your goals and dreams
• Experience more joy, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness
• Able to build positive habits
• Able to eliminate negative habits
• Personal growth
• Understanding and unleashing your strengths, talents, skill, and knowledge
• Be empowered, motivated and inspired in life
• Decrease your procrastination
• Get more things done

If you would like to learn more about the support group to see if they are a good fit for you or not, sign up for the next informational workshop on December 11, 2018, from 6-7 pm. Please click here to register for your free spot. Special promotion offers at the workshop.

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Goal Setting Support Group

Goal Setting Support Group