Do you have trouble taking action in your life? Do you have trouble mapping out a plan and action steps for your goals or whatever you want to achieve in life?Are you having trouble taking action steps to accomplish your daily tasks and responsibilities? Are you procrastinating to take action? Do you need more motivation and inspiration to keep on moving forward with your goals and life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this Action/Result Support Group is for you.

Come learn how to turn your dreams into realistic goals with achievable action steps to decrease your procrastinate to accomplish them once and for all.

Learn how to set action steps to get your daily responsibilities and tasks done. Learn how to set action steps to build a positive or eliminate a negative habit. It does not matter what you have trouble taking action on, this Action/Result Support Group is for you.

Weekly interaction
- Learn how to set realistic goals and achievable action steps
- Brainstorming sessions to give you ideas
- Brainstorming sessions to overcome your barriers and roadblocks
- Support from peers and instructors
- Motivational tools, tips, challenges and activities
- And so much more!

We meet weekly on Monday and Wednesday.  New member, you must RSVP for your first session by contacting us. Or RSVP by becoming a member of our meetup group, it is FREE. Click here to take you directly to the meetup group.  In the group, you will get all the information about upcoming dates and times of the meetings, resources, and much more. 

2 powerful benefits of this Action/Result Support Group

1. Develop the habit of taking action: The action steps that you created for yourself is your commitments. You will learn how to set action steps that you cannot make excuses or come up with reasons to not take your action steps. Every time you successfully take your action step, you are building your habit of taking action.  In the future, whatever that you want to do or achieve, you will automatically take the action step without needing to go through the process of creating an action step. This support group helps you build the habit of taking action to achieve your goals and dreams like you have built the habit of brushing your teeth the first thing in the morning without thinking much about it. 

2. Personal growth: You will learn a lot about yourself through the goals and action steps you have created for yourself. When you fail on an action step, you will learn and understand why you have failed so you can create better action steps in the future. If you succeed with your action steps, you will learn where your strengths are so you can use them to become successful again with your future action steps. When you achieved your goals, you will discover the knowledge and skills you have used to help you set and achieve future goals. 

More Benefits of this support group:

• Able to achieve your goals and dreams
• Experience more joy, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness
• Able to build positive habits
• Able to eliminate negative habits
• Be empowered, motivated and inspired in life
• Decrease procrastination
• Get more things done

Action/Result Support Group

"It does not matter how much knowledge or skill or how great of a plan you might have, without taking action, result and transformation cannot occur."

Action/Result Support Group