Educational Workshops

As human beings, we born out with no knowledge. It is only when we learn the right knowledge, then we can become successful. 

Free ​online zoom workshops. One hour per workshop. Format of the workshops: 1) The first 30 minutes will be content learning, 2) The second 30 minutes will be a Q&A session. Please click on the title to register for free. 

How to become a competent person: Learn tools to feel great about yourself from the inside and outside. Techniques to become a positive person. Strategies to attract positive people and build positive relationships

How to develop a successful lifestyle: Learn how to develop a lifestyle that you can be proud of. Tools to make great decisions. Discover successful life skills.

​​Dress with confidence: Learn how to develop a balanced and attractive body frame. Learn how to enhance your positive and hide your negative traits. Learn how to mix and match clothes and prints

​How to increase your creativity: Discover the 3 elements of creativity: knowledge, creative thinking, motivation. Techniques to increase your knowledge base. Tools to develop creative thinking. Methods to increase your motivation.

​​How to develop a growth mindset: Understand what is the mindset. Understand the difference between a fixed vs. growth mindset. Methods to develop a growth mindset

How to lose weight successfully: Understand the foundation of weight loss. Learn motivational tools to develop healthy habits to lose weight.

Motivational tools to optimal health: Learn tools to develop a healthy diet. Strategies to exercise regularly. Methods to improve your sleeping habit.

How to develop a balanced lifestyle: Skills to manage your priorities. Tools to tackle your daily responsibilities successfully.

​​How to become a great problem solver: 5 steps to solve any problem successfully. Mindset tools to approach problems as opportunities.

How to discover and grow your passion: Techniques to discover your passion. Ways to grow your passion. Explore different paths to turn your passion into a successful career.

​​Success tools for the workforce: Discover the three success skills: the science, the arts, the mindset, and the motivation. Learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills to become successful.

​How to become successful in college: Learn tips and tools to identify your strengths, talents, and passion. Studying and stress management skills. Techniques to promote college success. 

​How to create a goal plan and ladder: Creating a goal ladder to your ideal life. Learn to set different types of goals.

Success tools for goal setting: Tools to set goals correctly. Techniques to stay motivated, inspired, and empowered to achieve your goals