Educational Workshops

As human beings, we born out with no knowledge. It is only when we learn the right knowledge, then we can become successful. 

These workshops give you the foundation of knowledge to help you be on the right track to becoming successful in all life areas. All workshops include hands-on activities to help you transfer the knowledge into your daily life successfully. The workshops are 20% lecture and 80% activities. 

Stress Management: Turning Stress into Happiness

Even though stress has a negative repetition because so many people have suffered so much for it. However, if you know how to manage your stress successfully, you can become a very happy person. There is a thin line between stress and happiness. The things that caused you the most stress can also bring you the most happiness if you know how to turn your stress into happiness......Learn more

Building Good Health: Achieving Maximum Health

Developing and having a healthy lifestyle is important. To become successful in anything, you need energy and strength. For example, if you are feeling tired, you are unmotivated to grab and take action on life opportunities. Consequently, life opportunities can slip away from you.......Learn more

Goal Development: Achieving Your Desires

There are many things that we want to achieve. In order to become successful in achieving all of our goals and dreams, we need a blueprint or layout to guide us otherwise we will take random steps that will make us very frustrated and overwhelmed. The best tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams is goal setting.......Learn more

 Are you ready for college? Take the stress and fear out of college   

College can be a very stressful or the most enjoyable time of your life. To become successful in anything, it requires preparation, and college is no different. If you do not have a successful plan entering into college, it will become very stressful. However, with a successful plan, college will become a very enjoyable and successful journey for you.......Learn more

Human Potential: Personal Transformation

Reaching our full potential and living the life we love seems difficult because we are rarely taught how to get there. Today, with unlimited information and advanced technology, the path to success is available to us. The moment you see a blueprint and path to your potential, everything will be in place and achievable.......Learn more

Self-Esteem Building: Being the Best Version of You

Self-esteem is the foundation to believe in yourself that you can achieve anything you set out to do. Today, it is not the lack of knowledge or skill that is preventing you to become successful, it is the lack of self-belief. It does not matter what you want to achieve, there are thousands and millions of people who already achieved what you want and have left clues everywhere for you to achieve the same thing..........Learn more

Building Confidence: Dress with Confidence 

The way you dress says a lot about yourself and your self-confidence. It is an expression of yourself. Do the clothes you wear represent the person you want to become? Do the clothes you wear express that you are a confident person. This workshop helps you to feel and look attractive and confidence in any body shape and size. Feeling and looking attractive is not based on your body size and shape, but how you dress your body........Learn more

Career Development: Turning Your Passion into a Successful Career

If you can only become successful in one thing in life, it is to unleash your passion. First, your passion gives you joy, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and happiness in life. Second, your passion is your anchor to help pick yourself back up after failure and setbacks. Third, your passion helps you develop into a successful career where you can make a difference in your and other lives, serve your community, society, and the world.......Learn more