Educational Online Events

As human beings, we born out with no knowledge. It is only when we learn the right knowledge, then we can become successful. 

One hour per event. Format of the workshops: 1) The first 30 minutes will be content learning, 2) The second 30 minutes will be a Q&A session. Please click on the title to learn more and to register.

How to become a positive person: Learn tools to become a positive person. Discover the different types of negative people to avoid. Learn methods to build positive relationships.

How to develop a successful lifestyle: Understand the mindset for life success. Tips to make great decisions to develop your ideal life. Life success and foundation tools.

​​How to dress with confidence: Learn why dressing matters. Discover the foundation of dressing with confidence. Learn how to enhance your positive and hide your negative traits. Learn how to mix and match clothes and prints.

​How to increase your creativity: Discover the 3 elements of creativity: knowledge, creative thinking, motivation. Techniques to increase your knowledge base. Tools to develop creative thinking. Methods to increase your motivation.

​​How to develop a growth mindset: Understand what is the mindset. Understand the difference between a fixed vs. growth mindset. Methods to develop a growth mindset.  

How to lose weight successfully: Understand the mindset and foundation of weight loss. Learn motivational tools to develop healthy habits to lose weight and keep it off for life.

How to build positive habits: Discover the step-by-step to start and build any habit, health, relationship, career, etc. Discover motivational tools to keep on moving forward and keep your positive habits for life.

How to develop a balanced lifestyle: Discover the 3 life areas you must manage in life. Learn methods to develop a balanced lifestyle and to manage your priorities. Learn productive tools to tackle your daily responsibilities successfully.

​​How to become a great problem solver: Understand the importance of solving problems. Discover the opportunities and benefits. Learn the 7 steps to solve any problem successfully, small and big.

How to discover and grow your passion: Techniques to discover your passion. Ways to grow your passion. Explore different paths to turn your passion into a successful career.

​​How to thrive in the workforce: Discover the difference between the 20th and 21st centuries. Discover hard and soft skills and tools to become successful in the 21st century.

How to become successful in college:
 Understand the purpose of getting an education. Develop the mindset of college success. Tips and tools to discover your strengths and talents while going to school. Learn daily stress management and studying tools.

How to set successful goals: Discover the true purpose of goal setting. Discover the different types of goals. Method to set successful goals. Strategies to set realistic and achievable action steps. Motivational tools to achieve your goals.

How to reach your full potential: Understand what human potential is. Discover the different models to create life meaning and purpose to reach your full potential. Learn tips and tools to reach your full potential.

Q&A Session: Self-Esteem and Empowerment:Get all of your self-esteem and empowerment questions answered at this event. 

Q&A Session: Stress and Health: Get all of your stress and health questions answered at this event. 

Q&A Session: Career and Goal Development: Get all of your career and goal development questions answered at this event.